Eat Hong Kong Pork at Keung Kee Roasted Meat Restaurant

by Apr 7, 2019

You know we passed a lot of roasted meat hawkers…

Yeah, but I read about this one.

Keung Kee Roasted Meat Restaurant 強記飯店

Funnily, walking around looking for Keung Kee without internet connection is less than ideal. Numerous times did we walk into the wrong place, awkwardly asking whether this was the place we were looking for, only to be turned away.

When we finally found their doorway, I tried to record the chef in the window cutting meats till he looked at me and shook his head. Shocked, I humbly acquiesced, putting my camera away, and hoped he didn’t spit in my food.

Where Is It

You can find this old school roasted meat restaurant in busy west Causeway Bay, near the corner of Wan Chai Road and Tin Lok Lane.

You know, I always enjoy the simple, yet well executed things in life. Heck, while I appreciate the finer techniques, I’ll eat a tasty home made dish everyday!

Noodle Keung Kee Roasted Meat Restaurant Hong Kong China

What to Eat

There’s a lot of things you can eat off the menu and people will always suggest this or that. I’ve come to realize that people are people and will eat whatever caters to their tastes. My tastes may be your tastes, maybe not. Hopefully mine are otherwise you’re simply following along for the hijinks.

I’ve heard people talk about the glutinous rice rolls or the stews. Personally, I’m a fan of noodles and I don’t think I ever eat enough noodles, so I’ll always go with a noodle dish. Their noodles were noodles and nothing in particular to write home about.

When it comes right down to it, you, like ourselves came in search of Keung Kee for some roasted meat. And this place is known for their:

  • Roasted Goose
  • Roasted Pork

Simple roasted dishes over rice, served with a couple green beans over a mountain of steamed white rice and a splash of sauce. The pork skin was crispy and delicious. The goose was surprisingly spiced and seasoned really well.

Duck Keung Kee Roasted Meat Restaurant Hong Kong China

What Michelin Star?

Apparently we forgot to order what people say to come here to order!

  • Rice Rolls
  • Sweet Soup
  • Glutinous Rice

Next time!

Pork Keung Kee Roasted Meat Restaurant Hong Kong China

You're going to eat, you might as well eat something tasty.
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