Eat Hong Kong Spicy Chicken Hot Pot at 66

by Apr 9, 2019

Chicken hot pot?

Yeah, chicken hot pot.

66 Hot Pot

  • Late Night Hot Pot
  • Lots of Vegetable Options
  • Medium Spice Level is Ideal for Us

Sometimes you want something a little different from what you’re used to. We had a craving for hot pot, but read about a spicy chicken hot pot joint in the area we were staying at. Walking around Mong Kok, we finally got to 66 Hotpot.

Where Is It

66 Hotpot is not that far from Mong Kok Station off Nelson Street.

Ma La is not only spicy but numbs your mouth as well; oddly addicting!

Nadia 66 Hotpot Hong Kong China

What to Eat

Chicken hot pot of course. You get a hot pot with quartered chicken bits in it. Opting for the medium spiced chicken, we lucked out and didn’t kill ourselves with overwhelming heat.

If I may, for all the alcohol drinkers, I’d suggest a nice cold beer to go with your meal. For those who aren’t fermented inclined, then I suggest ice cold tea. The hot pot can get spicy.

After finishing the chicken, we were surprised to seem them then add broth to the pot converting the meal from braised spicy chicken to spicy hot pot.  Fortunately everything we ordered went amazingly well with the soup:

  • Sliced pork
  • Crispy tofu skins
  • Vegetable medley
  • And roe stuffed fish balls

We should have come hungry and ordered more items on the menu. There were so many things that looked tempting like the ink squid balls and deep fried fish skins. Next time!

Interior 66 Hotpot Hong Kong China

Vegetables 66 Hotpot Hong Kong China

Meal 66 Hotpot Hong Kong China 02

Tofu Skins 66 Hotpot Hong Kong China

Beef 66 Hotpot Hong Kong China

I Like It But I Don’t Like It

I just don’t know when, or if we’d ever come back again anytime soon. While tasty, it just a touch pricey for what it was.

To be fair, if I wanted spicy chicken hot pot, this is the place I’d go.

I haven’t tried other chicken hot pot places but wouldn’t be surprised if 66 Hot Pot was the best option available.

JM 66 Hotpot Hong Kong China

You're going to eat, you might as well eat something tasty.
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