Eat San Jose German Fare at Teske’s Germania

by Mar 20, 2019

Whose got 2 thumbs and wants to try something new?

This guy!

Teske’s Germania Restaurant and Beer Garden tl;dr

  • One of the few German cuisines in San Jose
  • They serve giant pints of German beer
  • I went her because of Schnitzel

When I’ve nearly tried all the available foreign cuisines in downtown San Jose, I gotta find something else to satisfy my ever changing preferences. Wait, while my tastes curve this way and that, they main direction is that of tasty food. As long as it’s delicious, then I’m pretty open to trying next to anything.

Where Is It

In a quieter corner of somewhat sleepy downtown San Jose, you will find Teske’s. A 3 block walk from the main Santa Clara Street, there’s a corner double door leading you into a potentially claustrophobic bar/waiting area. While waiting at the bar, when called, you will be led to either a relatively dimly lit indoor and outdoor spaces filled with linen lined tables.

Out in the back are more tables and a rare open space for both more food, communal eating, and, if you’re lucky, a live band playing the night away.

Teske's Germania (11)

What to Eat

What’s not to eat? Mind you I’ve only been there one time… For food. And I’ve nothing to complain about. With my group we tried eating a few dishes:

  • Paprika Gulasch | beef and egg noodle
  • Kalbs Cordon Bleu | breaded veal
  • Lachsfilet | Salmon

I had a little bit of everything but couldn’t get enough of their creamy mushroom topped thick egg noodles.

Did I mention that they also serve some great bread? Because they do serve great bread. There’s just something about hot, crusty carbs slathered with creamy dairy solids.

And they serve a lot of liquid carbs too!

Teske's Germania (9)

What to Drink

What not to drink? Just ask for whatever’s on tap. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a time and place for bottled stuff. Since I haven’t tried their daft offerings, the right time, here and now, is the time to partake of what they have relatively fresher than what they have that came under a cap.

Take a moment, blindly pick from the draft menu and decide whether you want a 1/2 liter or a Full liter:

  • Bitburger Premium Pils
  • Fruh Kolsch
  • Kloster Andechs Doppelbock Dunkel
  • Kloster Andechs Helles
  • Paulaner Hefe-weizen Natural Wheat
  • Paulaner Lager
  • Paulaner Oktoberfest Marzen
  • Stiegl-Pils

Thank You Teske

At the end of the night, everything, from service, to food to libations has been a reward for my step into the culinary unknown. Sure, it could not have gone so well, but considering Teske’s history, there’s less of a risk. To be fair, I would have probably drank my fill till my night got better.

Teske’s, as it turns out, offers a lot more than simply German food and beer.

Go to Teske’s for a time honored tradition of enjoying Bavarian hospitality and stay for the everything else. And then come back again… And again… And again.

Teske’s Germania Restaurant and Beer Garden


What’s your best German dish and beer pairing?

You're going to eat, you might as well eat something tasty.
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