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by Nov 27, 2018

“Where are we meeting him?”

“Over at the place in the cuts, Dempsey Hill.”

COMO Cuisine tl;dr

  • Dempsey Hill Location
  • Intercontinental Cuisine
  • Healthy Full Flavor Clean Eating Dishes

In Singapore’s rich and diverse food scene there are restaurants and cuisines to fit any tastes. There are those for the authentic, for the exotic, and for the tried and true blue home cookin’ variety. Last but not least, there’s few spaces that cater to those of a healthier persuasion.

COMO, like the resorts and hotels from around the world, have a health conscious mission without sacrificing the flavor. Combined with the white decor and hanging plants, it all blends together to give the impression of lightness and lushness. Sometimes a light touch can be a very nice change to a daily diet of relative decadent richness.

Interior COMO Cuisine SingaporeCOMO Cuisine Interior

Friendly Intervention

A friend called us to go meet up at Dempsey Hill for some weekend brunch. Since we don’t see too many people often and have never been to Dempsey Hill we took him up on his offer. First things first, we jumped on that bus all the way to D Hill.

We found out the hard way that the first step to eating clean is at the base of a long set of stairs up to COMO. A hundred or so steps and a bit sweat earned us a measurable hunger. Fortunately our friend was already there, ready and waiting to eat. Surprisingly the sparse brunch menu was filled with granola, bacon, eggs and waffles.

I could eat it all!

Granola and Fruit COMO Cuisine SingaporeGranola Clusters | coconut yoghurt, mango, banana, mint $18 sgd

Healthy Breakfast

Perusing the menu, Nadia decided on the Granola Clusters and I decided to go with what seemed to be the most bang for my buck dish, waffles. I hope that the dishes are… substantial. I hate to admit that if it was any other day I might feel different but right now, when I’m hungry I care less for quality and more about quantity.

Nadia’s granola sure looks pretty but I’ve never been much of a nut cluster guy without milk and copious amounts of magical morning fructose.

Hmmmm, I’m less than thrilled with the size of my waffles as I think about the mound of IHOP hotcakes that I used to eat back in Silicon Valley. Time have changed and hopefully for the better since these look portion appropriate. These are a lot fancier and taste just as good as I remember waffles taste. That aside, especially at this price, I still wouldn’t mind maybe 4 more waffles.

Waffle COMO Cuisine SingaporeWaffles | vanilla mascarpone, berries, vanilla rum syrup $18 sgd
Granola and Juice COMO Cuisine Singapore 02COMO Cuisine Granola Breakfast

Forgot My Umbrella

The coffee must have been really good to make me forget my umbrella. I only noticed it’s absence after I came down from my caffeine high. That umbrella is special and another story, but I’ll say that it came all the way from Tokyo. Suffice to say, I called back about it and it was still there.

But now I had to make the trek all the way back.
And you know I get hungry after a hike.

COMO Cuisine


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