Eat Singapore Cantonese Cuisine at Chinatown’s 80 Huat Huat

by Feb 5, 2019

Were you speaking Mandarin to her?

No, she’s speaking Cantonese to me!

80 Huat Huat tl;dr

  • CLOSED on Wednesdays
  • They Are Right Next to Beer Hawkers
  • Freshly Fried Salted Egg Fish Skins

Happy Chinese Lunar New Year of the Piggy Pig!

You may have noticed a trend of a few of our posts talking about specific hawkers at Chinatown Complex. You’ll find more of the same in this post about Cantonese hawker 80 Huat Huat! This place is AWESOME!

Ever enter a familiar place where they know your name, know what you want, and welcomes you back as if you were family? Everyone needs a place that they call their own away from home; be it a bar, work, or in this case, your very own Cantonese hawker.

It doesn’t hurt that the food reminds my wife of her childhood! It also doesn’t hurt she was the first hawker that spoke Cantonese to Nadia!

Front Huat Huat Restaurant Singapore80 Huat Huat Hawker

The Huat Huat Food Trifecta

Right on the corner of the upper level, next to the previously posted about Satay Hawker and Beer Hawker, you can find 80 Huat Huat. They server all manner of dishes that we have yet to find lacking in some way. And let me tell you that we have tried, time and time again. We come so often they already know what are basic order is:

  • Freshly Deep Fried Salted Egg Fish Skins – SO GOOD!
  • Homemade Bean Curd – Crispy exterior yet gooey interior
  • Nyonya Steamed Fish – Quality fish with a robust tangy sauce with just enough spice
Steamed Fish Huat Huat Singapore 02Nyonya Steamed Fish
Salted Egg Fish Skin Huat Huat Singapore 02Freshly Deep Fried Salted Egg Fish Skins
Meal Huat Huat Singapore 032nd Dinner

Plenty of Other New Dishes

A long time ago, friends of mine brought Nadia and I to this very spot, introducing us to the hawkers of the Chinatown Triangle. Everyone we sampled from that night was new, tasty and left a lasting impression. To this day, we introduce all our friends to these same hawkers for mostly tried and true dishes along with one we haven’t tried before.

Every time we go, we order something new. As with most places, we try something new to expand the experience and hopefully discover something unexpected. Of course, with that line of thinking, you always have to prepare for something not turning out quite the way you hoped but it’s worth the risk:

  • Beef with Scallions – Rich scallion flavor and aroma
  • Cereal Prawns – Surprisingly sweet, crispy and tasty!
  • Prawn Paste Chicken – Complex shrimp flavor profile
Beef Huat Huat SingaporeStir Fried Beef with Scallions
Chicken Huat Huat SingaporePrawn Paste Chicken Wings
Prawns Huat Huat SingaporeCereal Prawns

Enter the Chinatown Triangle Late at Your Own Peril

Get there early, especially on a weekend. Between all the good hawkers within the tables in the Chinatown Triangle (small area of Chinatown Complex prominently known for their beer hawkers) get taken really fast by large groups. Save yourself the trouble of fighting for a table by simply showing up early and drinking and eating more.

Personally, I’ve always been a fan of getting somewhere early and then taking my time relaxing and enjoying the moment. You just never know what conversation or events may come up. Life is full of surprises just like the dishes at 80 Huat Huat!

Come and surprise yourself!

Huat Huat Restaurant


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