Eat Singapore Chicken Rice at Tong Fong Fatt

by Aug 18, 2019

Didn’t we already eat chicken rice?

There’s chicken rice… And then there’s Chicken Rice!

Tong Fong Fatt Hainanese Boneless Chicken Rice

  • Plenty of Sleep Options
  • It’s a Workout Getting There
  • You’re Nearly One with Nature

The ever tasty, the ever ubiquitous, the humble national dish of Singapore…
Chicken Rice!

One day a good friend of mine is traveling through Singapore to get to *insert random destination here because I forgot where he was going* and had an afternoon to spend running around town. I cleared up my schedule to help enable achieve his goal.

I know what you’re thinking, “John, what  was your friend’s goal?” You’re right, I didn’t quite know either till he showed up at my door. Turns out he wanted to try as much chicken rice as he could before jumping back on the MRT back to Changi Airport. And you know I more than willing to oblige… Because a hungry friend is a friend indeed!

Signage Tong Fong Fatt Singapore

After going through several food centers and 6 hawkers later, my friend rolled on with the rest of his trip and I rolled myself back home ever so slowly. As I rolled down the heat saturated streets of Singapore, I was considering all the decisions of my life leading up to this point:

  • Why did I eat so much?
    • Because I’m an idiot
  • What’s with all the different sauces?
    • everyone makes it a little differently
    • plus you combine the sauces in any ratio you like to make it your own
  • Why did I eat so much rice?
    • because it’s sooo good
  • How did I let him convince me to eat so much chicken?
    • look at my first answer above

I never met a chicken rice I didn’t like!

With these questions rolling around in my head, I came to the realization that I’m fond of one of them more than the others. Whether that’s because of my palate’s preference for bold flavors or something else altogether is another story. Out of all of them, I like Tong Fatt Hainanese Boneless Chicken Rice the most.

Half Chicken Meal Tong Fong Fatt Singapore

What is It

Tong Fatt Hainanese Boneless Chicken Rice is a chicken rice hawker that, judging by the pictures has served some famous Singaporean people. They serve 2 types of chicken:

  • Steamed Chicken
  • Roasted Chicken

Of course they have the regular things you would expect when ordering at a chicken rice hawker:

  • Steamed Rice
  • Bowl of Broth
  • Garlic Sauce
  • Chili Sauce

Not so common:

  • Dark Soy Sauce
  • Livers
  • Richer, Sweeter, Bolder Chicken Sauce

Chicken on a Tray Tong Fong Fatt Singapore

Where is It

Tong Fatt Hainanese Boneless Chicken Rice is located at Maxwell Hawker Center. If you’re there, you’ll probably notice that there’s a famous chicken rice by the central hallway with a line. While good, not my favorite but good enough to get one interested in the world of Chicken Rice.

And I have the luxury of saying that because I’ve tried a lot of them around here. And I understand that most people who come here want to try the “best” (which is someone else’s best) and don’t have the time nor the stomach space to try all the different ones that are available.

Half Chicken Meal Tong Fong Fatt Singapore 02

What to Do There

Go and eat their chicken rice set:

  • Sliced Chicken Breast
  • Rice
  • Soup
  • Make your own sauce combination

But if you want to really try everything, do yourself a favor and order yourself rice and half a chicken; you’ll get their white and dark meat! Try it and see if you like it.

More importantly, see if you like it for the same reasons I do.
You might not like it and want something less flavorful…
Maybe yes?
Maybe no?

Whatever you do, just have fun eating it!

Half Chicken Tong Fong Fatt Singapore

You're going to eat, you might as well eat something tasty.
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