Eat Singapore Chinese Satay at Shi Xiang

by Jan 29, 2019

I love satay!

I love eating satay with beer!

Shi Xiang Satay tl;dr

  • Pork, and Chicken Satay
  • Next to Beer Hawkers
  • And They Are Dirt Cheap ($0.60 cents)

Imagine skewers upon skewers of meat sizzling on an open grill, the smell lazily wafting through the air till it kicks you in the face! There’s something about that roasted meat smell that screams out to the hungry person in me. Maybe you know where I’m coming from?

If you’re in Chinatown and happen upon my favorite beer hawker, then you’re just across from amazing satay! Yes, that is this place, Shi Xiang Satay and it’s amazingly pairs well with any cold beer you can find!

Front Shi Xiang Satay SingaporeShi Xiang Satay Hawker
Satay Shi Xiang Satay Singapore 02Skewered Meat Plate

First Time to Chinatown

If it’s your first time to Chinatown then this might be a little harder than not. Shi Xiang Satay can be found in the 2nd floor corner of the Chinatown Food Complex but finding it can be easier said than done. The hawker center is a massive sprawling area that is divided into four areas which can be overwhelming the first time around.

Heck, I’ve been here for 2 years and still haven’t tried all the food, but I’m working on it.

Chef at Work Shi Xiang Satay SingaporeBehind the Counter Skewer Cooking Action

Easiest Way to Shi Xiang Satay

Let’s say you’re coming from the Buddha Tooth Temple and are walking toward the MRT. As you walk down the pedestrian only street, you’ll see restaurants and shops up and down the path. As you reach the end, you’ll see a open air building with a 2nd floor. Turn right and you’ll see more restaurants and shops but this time on the left you’ll find a set of stairs that go up.

Walk up those stairs and you’ll be an aisle over from Shi Xiang Satay (and beer hawkers). Walk over there, find a table, order a bunch and eat with beer! You’ll thank me later. And you’re welcome.

Satay and Sauce Shi Xiang Satay SingaporeMeat Skewers and Special Dipping Sauce
Satay and Rice Cake Shi Xiang Satay SingaporeMore Skewers and Cubes of Rice

Give Hainanese Satay a Chance

When I first came here, I admit that I thought it was just like any other satay hawker that can be found around the island. If you thought that too, then just like me, you’d be wrong. Shi Xiang Satay, as it turns out, is Hainanese satay versus the other Thai, Malay, or other South East Asian variations.

We’ve brought a lot of people and I find that most like these versus the larger or more popular or especially the more touristy spots. It’s something secret that they must do that they’ve learned over the last couple decades of operation. Maybe it’s how they grill it in a way where the fats bit are both crisp yet gooey, or maybe it’s the pineapple in the peanut dipping sauce. I’m not sure what it is, but I like it a lot.

That aside, the typical cucumber and onion condiments are a nice way cut the richness. The cubed rice thing seems to be a hit or miss deal with the people I’ve eaten with. Personally, I don’t mind it. It gives the meal a little more heaviness to it that seems to complete the meal, but then again maybe it’s because I normally eat carbs.

Satay Shi Xiang Satay Singapore 03Can you smell it?
Satay and Beer Shi Xiang Satay SingaporeWash the Satay with some Beer

A Nice Way to End the Day

Whatever they are doing over at Shi Xiang Satay, you owe it to yourself to find out for yourself whether it’s better with or without beer. Given the hot weather, you’ll definitely want something cold to go with this fresh off the grill meal.

Don’t forget the beer!
I like cold, cheap beer!

Shi Xiang Satay


Where’s your favorite Red Dot satay?

You're going to eat, you might as well eat something tasty.
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