Eat Singapore Crab at Long Beach

by Jan 28, 2019

Where does your friend want to go to?

They wanted to go check a crab spot.

Long Beach tl;dr

  • Fantastic Dempsey Hill Area
  • Great Tasting Chili and Pepper Crab
  • A Lot More Expensive Than I Care to Pay

Singapore is full of surprises!

There’s a lot of various foods in Singapore:

But there isn’t quite a dish just like Singapore chili or pepper crab. One such location for said crab is at Dempsey Hill, a hidden collection of high end restaurants, food purveyors, art galleries and stores. Though it will be a little harder to reach without a car, if you’re in the mood for a more refined and sophisticated experience or you’re looking for a special night out, then this area is right up your alley.

Chili Crab Long Beach Singapore 02Chili Crab

Or maybe you just want some crab?

Chili crab is one of Singapore’s signature dishes. And with such tastes, there many different dishes of the popular crustacean. There’s so many places alone that sell chili crab, pepper crab and other sauced crabs that you could spend a lifetime trying them all. Actually, that’s not a bad idea…

You’ll be able to pick out the fine details like the thickness, sweetness and spiciness of the sauces, the freshness of the crabs, and their prices.

Dempsey Beach Crab

No, there isn’t a beach at the Dempsey but at the top of the Hill lies a well known crab eatery called Long Beach. Within you’ll find a nice looking Chinese restaurant serving a lot of food, but they are especially known for their crab dishes. We brought some out of town guests looking for just such expertise at cooking these local flavor shellfish dish.

Pepper Crab Long Beach SingaporePepper Crab

Considering that we were here with guests and were only interested in crab, we ordered both the chili and pepper crabs respectively. There were a couple of side dishes to flesh out the meal; namely steamed and fried buns. The crabs were delicious and the sauces were ever so slightly different from the few that we have tried already around Singapore.

The pepper crab was very peppery but not in a over the top type of way. For us, it was still enjoyable though I’m always surprised by the smaller portion of sauce vs chili crab. On the other hand the chili crab was swimming in sauce, as we have found with most other variations that we’ve seen. We found the chili sauce a touch spicier than I’m used to.

You’ll Know When You Taste It

While a good, and a pleasant experience all around, I find the price a bit hard to swallow. It’s more expensive when compared to other locations that provide similar crab experiences. Depending on your personal palate and preferences, some other locations are better and then others not so much. And I find that with limited exposure people may not know of the many options available to them other than their first time.

As with many things in life, people will have their preferences. When I try something new, I will try to venture out to try it again somewhere else; even if I don’t like it, and more so if I do like it. You owe it to yourself to try new things and in all of life’s variations. You’ll never know till you take that first bite, that first sip, or that first meal.

Long Beach Dempsey


What place did you want to like but found it just too expensive?

You're going to eat, you might as well eat something tasty.
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