Eat Singapore Creamy Herb Chicken Pie at McDonalds

by | Nov 2, 2018

“Say WHAT? McDonald’s Creamy Herb Chicken Pie?! “

McDonald’s Creamy Herb Chicken Pie tl;dr

  • NEW Savory Fried Pie Flavor
  • Different for Singapore McDonald’s
  • Reminds me of Chicken Pot Pie

Living here in Singapore there’s so many new things that I’m still getting used to! After 2 years, probably because I grew up in colder and dryer climates, the jungle heat and humidity is still taking some getting used to. However, something that I have no problem enjoying here in Singapore are McDonald’s new bunch of flavors:

  • Burger Flavors
  • Fried Pie Flavors
  • Soft Serve Flavors

Singapore McDonald’s taste profiles are not as extensive as Thai McDonald’s flavors but I’ll take any excuse to head over to the Golden Arches for another pie.

Speaking of international McDonald’s, here I am at Singapore’s Changi International Airport waiting for a couple visitors to land and what do I see? There’s a McDonald’s airport branch right there at the end of the terminal. Since I had some time on my hands, I walked over to the McDonald’s to check out what they had to offer.

Lucky me! There’s a big ad for their new Creamy Herb Chicken pie! And you know I had to try it.

Chicken Pie Filling McDonalds Changi Singapore

New McDonald’s Fried Pie

What is there to say about this new pie that can’t be gleamed from the pictures above and below? This pie, as usual, is available at most Singapore McDonald’s for a limited time, so get yours while you still can.

I ordered a pie and found a nice secluded spot of the airport waiting area to eat this fried treasure in quiet solitude. I opened up the container and pulled out this layered pie. It’s not as flaky as I thought it would but it was a nice change from the typical blistered crust that you’d be familiar with if you’ve ever had a McDonald’s pie before.

Chicken PIe Crust McDonalds Changi Singapore

Creamy Herb Chicken Pie

Biting into a McDonald’s pie transports me to my childhood; younger days without a care in the world. Now I have to remember how this pie tasted so I can report to all of you.

To put it simply, it tasted like a chicken pot pie, but in a hand held size. Actually, it’s kind of like a hot pocket but even better than the microwaved cardboard pastry.  The creamy herb chicken pie filling isn’t as creamy as a real chicken pot pie but all things considered, it’s still tasty.

This crust is different yet not quite as satisfying as I’d hope it would be. There’s a curry puff crust in Amoy that I really liked a lot and this is not that. Having tasted that puff, this just kind of crust paled in comparison. As for the filling of the chicken pot pie, it was blander than the pot pies that I’ve had before in the past.

Would I Buy It Again?

Considering that it’s a stark contrasting type savoriness versus the bright exotic local flavors, I can understand where this would appeal to palates that want to try something else.  Eating spicy dishes all day, I would definitely pick this up to tone things down the explosions in my mouth.

Otherwise, sadly, I would not buy this again. There’s simply too many other things out there fighting for time in my belly.

McDonald’s Changi Airport Terminal 3


What’s your favorite pie flavor?

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