Eat Singapore Dessert at Twenty Grammes Cafe

by Feb 11, 2019

Twenty Grammes?

What’s 20 grams?

Twenty Grammes Cafe tl;dr

  • Waffles, Cakes, Ice Cream, and More
  • Their Seating Can Get Occupied Really Fast
  • Many Places to Check Out Before Coming Back

Singapore is full of places to take pictures of! Just like Super Cute Instagramable Cafes!

You know, those small little spots that look unique and have adorable dishes at slightly more (or a lot more) than elsewhere. Singapore is one of the leading countries in Instsagramable locales per GDP. It’s amazing what you can find and where it can be found all around Singapore.

Our friend Emilia told us about Twenty Grammes Cafe, located in a lively part of town near Arab Street and Haji Lane. And since we were in the area, she offered to show us around and check out what’s happening in Singapore’s later hours.

Signage Twenty Grammes Cafe Singapore

Enter 20 Grammes

Off to the side off the busy North Bridge Road, through the double doors is a quaint sunken venue that runs deep into the building with tables and seating with room to spare further away from the street. Find a table and figure out what you want. Go to the counter and order your dessert to be brought to you. But you may need a moment to look through the menu.

Menu Twenty Grammes Cafe Singapore

What to Get

What to get? Just like opening those doors, opening the cover to the menu opens up to a whole new world. You can find small snacks, salads, coffee and dessert. But let’s be honest, at least for me, I came for the dessert. But they have so many things to choose from:

  • Cakes
  • Macarons
  • Cupcakes
  • Petit Fours
  • Ice Cream

I wasn’t going to order anything else other than some waffles and ice cream. That was the easy choice, but now came some number crunching, soul draining decision making; what flavor to get.

At any given time there’s a lot of ice cream flavors available, sprinkled with a couple new ones every now and again. It’s so hard when there the tried and true flavors and some unique one that sound out of this world . Suffice to say, I tried the waffles with smores and hojicha (roasted green tea) or was it gula melaka (like brown sugar)? Either which way, it was super tasty, running on the expensive side for what it was, but tasty nonetheless.

Enjoy the Moment

Walking through doors are like opening menus, you just never quite know what you’ll find. Don’t let the non descript exterior fool you in thinking that there’s nothing worthwhile to be had within. For those true sweet tooth aficionados who also need something a little more substantial, Twenty Grammes Cafe can fill your hunger, while also satisfying any sweet tooth!

Twenty Grammes Cafe


What’s your favorite flavor?

You're going to eat, you might as well eat something tasty.
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