Eat Singapore Fried Chicken at The Bird Southern Table

by Feb 14, 2019

I want some chicken!

Didn’t we just pass a place…

The Bird Southern Table & Bar tl;dr

  • Southern Fried Chicken
  • Honest to Gosh American Spicy Sauce
  • Still Expensive For What It Is

Chicken is that versatile bird that can be cooked in any number of soul warming ways. Personally, I think poultry is highly undervalued. It’s the Jack of All Cooking Trades, yet master of none! It’s too bad that for a lot of people, the bird is constantly overshadowed by wagyus, truffles and whatever new ingredient of the month is fresh out.

Interior The Bird Southern Table SingaporeBird Southern Table Side Room

Living in Singapore, we’re surrounded by chicken dishes of all cultures:

  • Fried chicken
  • Thai Stuffed chicken
  • Curried chicken of nearly every country
  • Steamed Hainanese chicken
  • Chicken chicken and more CHICKEN!

I am quite fond of chicken personally. I feel like I identify with it a lot and furthermore, I find it be very tasty! There’s always a new preparation or a new technique or an improvement on an old favorite; like Fried Chicken!

Logo The Bird Southern Table SingaporeBird Southern Table Mascot

Where in the South Is This?

Found at the top level of the large shopping sprawl known as Marina Bay Sands Shoppes. Coming from the ground floor entrance, you’ll already be at the top floor unless you’re coming from the underground mass transit system, in which case you’ll need to make your way up through the levels of shopping.

Looking for this place, you’ll come across a darkly wooden accented venue exuding Southern charm. There’s so much detail that they made me honestly think I was in the South… a clean, sterile, expensive version of the dirty South but the South nonetheless.

Corn Salad The Bird Southern Table SingaporeThe Wedge

Trying It All

After looking at the menu, it’s hard to decide what to get. We went to town on the menu ordering everything from salads to fried chicken to dessert. As usual, it’s hard for me to justify ordering a cocktail in Singapore when I know full well how cheap it can be had elsewhere in the world. Lack of alcohol justifies ordering more food!

We got all the following just for the 2 of us:

  • Fresh Salads
  • Flavorful Crab Cake
  • Well Seasoned Deviled Egg
  • Surprisingly Good Fried Chicken
  • Perfectly Cooked Shrimp n Grits
  • Artfully Decorated Mud Pie
  • Sweet Bread Pudding
Salad The Bird Southern Table SingaporeButter Lettuce and Grilled Mango Salad
Deviled Egg The Bird Southern Table SingaporeDeviled Egg
Crab Cake The Bird Southern Table SingaporeCrab Cake
Honey Hot Sauce The Bird Southern Table SingaporeSweet Hot Sauce
Shrimp Grits The Bird Southern Table SingaporeShrimp and Grits
Mudpie The Bird Southern Table SingaporeMud Pie
Bread Pudding The Bird Southern Table SingaporeBread Pudding

Surprise, Surprise

Surprisingly everything was really delicious; more delicious than how they look. The salads were satisfying while not tasting too healthy (bursting with flavor). All in all, these were either good or better than I expected; pleasantly surprised by the deviled egg. I typically don’t care for deviled egg in a way that is hard to define but found this one to be very appetising. I never had shrimp n grits before and honestly have nothing to compare it to but I do hope that all variations taste this good.

The desserts were honestly good; I 2nd guessed the mud pie due to it’s artsy potted plant looking appearance. In Singapore, in Asia actually, there’s an overabundance of Asian twists on Western desserts, leaving it lighter than the full flavor that I come to expect.

Bar The Bird Southern Table SingaporeBar Counter Action

In The End

Birth Southern Table was a great experience that I hope to one day repeat. Hopefully it is just as good, if not better then. All things considered in Singapore, as things go with the short lifespans, hopefully Bird will still be around. As with most places in Singapore, as much as I’d love to eat here more often, there are a couple of things preventing that:

  1. Cost prohibitive
  2. Tons of other things to try
  3. Did I mention that it can add up? Really fast!
  4. I Don’t Frequent the Marina Area Too Often

It will be an ongoing trend with there being so much food around here that I consider new. It’ll be far and few between where I’ll want to go back more than once in the foreseeable future despite the long list of other options. But they are out there; especially when we have visitors who want to eat something genuinely local dining experience. I wouldn’t bring them to somewhere I didn’t like.

If you have been hungering for some southern delights, make sure to come by and splurge a little on yourself.

The Bird Southern Table & Bar


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