Eat Singapore Hamburger at Two Blur Guys

by Feb 13, 2019

What have we not eaten?

Haven’t had a burger in a while…

Two Blur Guys tl;dr

  • Juicy Burgers!
  • Solid Beer Choices!
  • Solid Flavors

Blur, local term for those who are slow to understand something.

Apparently the story goes that these 2 food passionate guys stumbled into the gourmet burger culinary niche. I can’t blame them though, there’s nothing to be Blur about perfectly cooked meat sandwiched between great tasting baked bread.

Nadia is always so deal savvy and found a great deal for Two Blur Guys! It was the perfect opportunity to try it out. I mean, we were planning on going there already so any deal is a bonus!

Avoid the Rush

Tanjong Pagar has it all! They have Singaporean Hawkers, Japanese grocery stores, Korean fried chicken, craft brew AND burgers! Two Blur guys in a small dine in spot sandwiched between more restaurants and eateries; no pun intended.

With such an area, you can imagine that the Two Blur Guys’ tables can be a rare commodity during the lunch or after hour rush! Especially coupled with any other deals they have going on at any given time, I would always advise to go just prior to their opening to be on the safe side.

Spam Burger Two Blur Guys SingaporeSpam Special

There’s Burgers and Then There’s Blur Burgers

One thing I love about their burgers is that they aren’t doused with sauce. I’ve tried those spots where I peel back the wrapper to find sauce everywhere, making eating said hamburger a touch more messy than I care to be. With that being said, you just new know.

As usual, what to order can always be a crapshoot. When looking at any new menu, I’m forced into 1 of 2 schools of thought:

  1. There are always solid options that sound great
  2. Then there’s the more adventurous seasonal flavors that may never come back again.

Ordered the spam burger and I was impressed. It might have had something to do with my love of spam and that I hadn’t had some in a long time making it literally an explosion of flavor in my mouth. Or they made a really good burger

Spam Burger Two Blur Guys Singapore 02Prime Beef with Streaky Bacon

Get Yourself a Burger

Will have to go back for a solid bite of their burger creations, especially during their specials. As for prices go, it’s still pretty expensive but not as expensive as other places. And unlike other places, the beef isn’t masked with other more powerful flavors. While I understand the direction of using said flavors is culturally inclusive, but can likewise be argued that it negates the use of higher quality meat.

Similar to In n Out, Two Blur Guys are solid hamburger options that highlight the quality of the main ingredients. Better yet, go find out for yourself when there’s a deal! I promise the discount will make it taste better.

Two Blur Guys

How do you like your burger?

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Two Blur Guys


How do you like your burger?

You're going to eat, you might as well eat something tasty.
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