Eat Singapore Hawker at Changi Staff Cantina

by Nov 13, 2018

“Where do you want to eat at Changi?”

“Did you know there’s a hawker there?”

Changi Staff Cantina Terminal 1 tl;dr

  • Open to the Public
  • Airport Staff Hawker
  • Another Hawker at Terminal 2

There’s hawkers everywhere in Singapore! There’s local hawker centers, there’s famous hawker centers, there’s high end and low end hawker centers, there’s hawker’s centers for everyone! It should not be any surprise that there’s a hawker center at Singapore’s  Changi Airport.

No, I’m not talking about the food courts inside the terminal for departing passengers. I’m talking about, open to the public hawkers that can be found at both terminal 1 and terminal 2. This cantina located at terminal 1 is just outside of the left arrival level exit.

Interior Changi T1 Staff Cantina Singapore 04One Side of the Hawkers and a Guy Staring at Me

Hawkers and Hawker

Once you find the entrance off to the left, and make your way down the stairs you will have found yourself in what looks like an underground hawker paradise. There’s hawkers outlining the room in nearly every direction.

I walked the perimeter looking for something that screamed out to me to eat. There’s so many options and I had so little hunger that I walked the room several times over. This was one of the situations where my stomach space was much more precious than the low price of the meals.

Interior Changi T1 Staff Cantina Singapore 05Staff Waiting to Order

Curry Laksa

Since I was at the airport, figured it to be appropriate to eat curry laksa. I typically eat curry laksa that is in the airport lounge, so I wanted to compare.

The cantina laksa was quite comparable to the one I usually get for free inside. The coconut notes in the broth were there though I found the soup to be a little lighter than I prefer. That aside, it was a solid bowl of laksa.

I’ll be back again to try out what else they have to offer. So please visit me so I have a reason to go to the airport early to checkout the other hawkers.

Curry Laksa Changi T1 Staff Cantina SingaporeCurry Laksa
Interior Changi T1 Staff Cantina SingaporeMore Hawkers

It’s a Party

There’s no reason not to bring your entire entourage to the airport. Call you all your friends to meet you at the airport or travel in a large retinue, there’s plenty of room for everyone to eat comfortably.

Interior Changi T1 Staff Cantina Singapore 03Renovated Interior Seating

Pre Board Checklist Must

Do yourself a favor, the next time you’re at the airport swing by the cantina and check off “eating hawker food everyday of your visit” from your checklist. Though, with their shuttle and monorail system, you can easily get to any of the terminals at Changi Airport; so you don’t really have any excuse not to get your last hawker food meal (unless you’re short on time before you flight).

Changi Staff Cantina Terminal 1


What do you like to eat at the airport before takeoff?!?!?

You're going to eat, you might as well eat something tasty.
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