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by Nov 26, 2018

” What’s collagen broth?”

“I don’t know Nadia, but it says it’ll make be beautiful!”

Beauty In The Pot tl;dr

  • Late Night Casual Hot Pot
  • Collagen Broth is Legit
  • Tons of Sauces and Ingredients

Who doesn’t like hot pot? Wait, you don’t know what hot pot is? Maybe you’ll know it by it’s other names:

  • Steamboat
  • Nabemono
  • Yao Hon
  • Shabu-Shabu
  • Thai Suki

Now that we’re all on the same page, lets agree that there’s something to be said about sitting around a large pot of boiling broth with like minded people. It’s a meal group activity that definitely brings people together through either teamwork, conversation, or even competition:

  • Take your friends out to a place that’s not crowded for some hot soup.
  • Make your own unique sauce or maybe make one of the recommended recipes.
  • Cook some fresh ingredients to eat.
  • Eat each others food!

This place is really a Beauty in the Pot when you and your BFFs just left the party at 2am and are trying to figure out where to go to stabilize your late night debauchery!

Entry Beauty in the Pot SingaporeEntrance
Sauces Beauty in the Pot SingaporeSauce Bar

Sauce on Sauce on Sauce

You didn’t get the broth you wanted? You lost out to the group majority and ended up with the AMAZING collagen broth? But you don’t like collagen broth? No fear, you still have your own dipping sauce to give yourself as much or as little flavor in your mouth.

You want to get creative with you own by mixing up one, some, or all the available ingredients. Or you can follow one of their tried and true sauce recipes. Either which way, you’ll be on top of the sauce world with your combination blend.

Sauces Beauty in the Pot SingaporeSauce
Hot Pot Meal Beauty in the Pot SingaporeMeal

Epic Meal Time

You ordered your ingredients and broth (I’m a strong advocate for their collagen broth). I’m particularly a fan of the collagen broth. I know it sounds weird, and I was apprehensive at first as well, but that all changed after I tried it. It’s different from other people’s collagen broth. I don’t know about all the beauty, health and whatever else properties it has, I just know that it is super delicious and warms the soul. There’s a certain milky(?) creaminess to it that just sticks to you.

It’s hard to describe… Excuse me, I think I need a moment to get all nostalgic about it; I can almost taste it if I think about it.

You made your special sauce. You’re at the table and you finally get your food. It’s time to dig in. Nadia is a fan of their house sauce recipe. I like to punch it up a couple notches by adding more of the chili oil and garlic while adding chopped peanuts and fried garlic for texture. And you can’t forget the coriander / cilantro (yeah, depends on where you live it’s called different things), unless of course you’re one of the few that don’t like it.

Meat and Potatoes (there’s actually no potatoes)

All the ingredients are fresh and cook fast. Some ingredients I’ve never heard of till I went to Beauty in the Pot. And one dish in particular, I have a love hate relationship. There’s always something good to eat here, especially after a night of drinking!

Nadia is always a fan of meat, be it pork or beef but more so on pork. I myself have always been fond of the fried tofu skins that look like croissants. The fish tofu

Whatever you’re cooking, just make sure to get the best taste and texture to not overcook it. You don’t want to overcook it.

Pork Beauty in the Pot SingaporeMeats!
Beef Beauty in the Pot SingaporeMore Meats!
Meal Beauty in the Pot SingaporeMeal
Fruits Beauty in the Pot SingaporeFruit Plate

Roll Yourself Home

Wrapping it all up with a refreshing yuzu shot cleansing the palate is a nice way to end the meal. Too bad they don’t have a quick and easy way to take off all the weight I just gained.

After Meal Chaser Beauty in the Pot SingaporeGan Bei!

Beauty In The Pot


What’s your favorite broth?!?!?

You're going to eat, you might as well eat something tasty.
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