Eat Singapore Italian at Pasta Brava

by Aug 27, 2019

You want to get some pasta?

Pasta in Singapore?

Pasta Brava

  • PASTA(?) in Singapore
  • So Many Italian Dishes
  • Black Squid Ink Pasta FTW!

Pasta for you, and for you, and for you…
Pasta for everyone!

One night in our new home country, the 3 of us, Nadia, Jonathan and myself wandered the street looking for some pasta to eat. When they had first suggested pasta, I was thinking “you want to eat Italian noodles in Asia?” I guess I can’t fault them, now with 3 years of living in Singapore under my belt I get a hankering for a little change of pace every now and again.

Walking over and entering what appeared to be a traditional Chinese long shop however after we entered it felt like we were in someone’s Italian family home. All 2 floors were full of guests, food, wine and boisterous conversation. Pasta Brava had an immersive decor and an equally vibrant crowd that contributed to mentally transporting us to Italy.

Nadia Jm Jon Pasta Brava Singapore

All Show and SO Much More Go

Ever go somewhere and think that thing wouldn’t live up to your expectations. I was a touch afraid that things would not live up to the image of bring back in Europe. Nadia and Jonathan ordered their favorite dishes while I ordered the most foreign dish that could go either way: shrimp stew, duck and black ink squid!

They were all very tasty! The rich, bold flavors came through highlighting Italian flavor palate and cooking techniques. It’s refreshing to get exactly what I had hoped for; my mouth turned a little black! Luckily for me, I’m married and she’s used to my silly quirks.

Charcuterie Pasta Brava Singapore

What is It

Pasta Brava is an 2 floor, street facing Italian restaurant serving Italian home cooked cuisine. We all looked over the menu over and over trying to decide what to eat but finally decided on:

  • Carpaccio Di Manzo | Thin slices of beef with greens
  • Pasta Brava Spaghetti Del Pescatore | Black ink squid spaghetti
  • Cassuela Ai Frutti Di Mare |  Seafood stew
  • Pappardelle Al Ragu D’ Antara E Funghi | Wide noodles with mushrooms over wide noodles
  • Lava Al Cioccolato | Chocolate lava cake

Cioppino Pasta Brava Singapore 04

Pappardelle Pasta Brava Singapore

Where is It

Inside what looks like an old school Chinese long shop on Craig Road, Italian restaurant Pasta Brava slings Euro bowls of noodles from the border of Singapore’s Chinatown area in Tanjong Pagar.

Chocolate and Ice Cream Pasta Brava Singapore

Who would have guessed that I’d eat noodles any way I wanted in Singapore, whether it’s Asian or European it’s all CARBS!

Pasta Brava


How do you like your noodles?

You're going to eat, you might as well eat something tasty.
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