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by Jan 14, 2019

Did I hear them call this place Vay Toes?

I think they meant Vatos…

Vatos Urban Tacos tl;dr

  • Mexican Korean Food Dishes
  • Lots of Creative Menu Items
  • Large Burritos

“There’s this Mexican place in Singapore you should check out!”

Mexican food in Singapore? I was skeptical to say the least. I’ve been around Asia and have had a taste of a lot of “Western” food that were either super expensive or either really lacking in their authenticity. But I’m always down for a culinary adventure in our new home. And between you and me, I think Singapore will be our new home for quite a while.

I honestly didn’t think I’d hear those words ever uttered from anyone much less than my cousin whose taste I typically respect, if not admire. I don’t mean to come off condescending, but coming from San Jose, California where there’s a lot of amazing and amazingly cheap Mexican food I held my reservations for Singapore’s Vatos Urban Tacos.

But who knows? I just might come to love Singapore even more one day?

Signage Vatos SingaporeVatos Urban Tacos Signage

First Come, First Served

Vatos is located all the way over by Suntec City area, however not quite off the Green Line MRT but in the JW Mariott area. As we slowly bussed our way to the South Beach Tower area to find this Vatos Urban Tacos eatery. I found it hard to believe that the low key low cost Mexican taqueria (taco stand) would be found in such a posh area.

Walking around in the middle of early afternoon sunshine, finding ourselves in the shadow of these tall towers, Vatos was hiding in the small dark hallway space not far from the hotel. Walking to the door we found that we were a touch too excited and got there too early.

So we waited…

Interior Vatos SingaporeVatos Urban Tacos Interior

They finally opened and we slowly got served, as is understandable considering how groggy I am when I get up out of bed. Entering their rat nest light bulk lit brick laden area, seated at communal table setting on bar stools. I could imagine how lively Vatos could get on a Friday night filled with guests chowing down on Mexican Korean fare while washing it all down with alcoholic libations.

Nacho Dip Vatos SingaporeVatos Cowboy Queso

Vatos Urban Tacos’ Dishes

Chip and Salsas?

Kimchi Carnitas Fries?

Blue Cheese Guacamole!?

It’s nice to read about fusiony Korean Tex Mex type dishes, but nothing sounded as tasty as dishes we grew up eating all the way out here in Singapore. The dishes were familiar yet still refreshingly different and new. We quickly ordered the old time favorites and anticipated their individual arrival. The entire time waiting, we were simply taking in the obviously quiet area which seemed to be unaccustomed to the solitude that we were experiencing.

Chips and Salsa Vatos SingaporeFresh Chips and Salsa

The fresh CHIP and fresh salsas was good yet weirdly presented. The chips weren’t triangular but large disk like chips, which I presume was to be haphazardly broken up into bite size pieces. The queso dip came out and tasted just as expected; hot, gooey, and cheesy!

I ordered the Vatos Carnitas Burrito and was surprised that it was really good. While not traditional in a lot of ways, I still enjoyed the french fries, mayo and kimchi. They wouldn’t be considered traditional ingredients but I enjoyed them regardless in their wrapped combination. Nadia ordered a more traditional bowl version of the classic prawn burrito. She was a touch put off by the presence of mayo but was equally surprised b how much shrimp was delivered. Otherwise nothing quite writing home about other than the price for this run of the mill deconstructed bowl.

Taco Salad Vatos SingaporeClassic Prawn Burrito Bowl

Not Bad, Not Bad At All

Vatos Urban Tacos kitchen giving a slight foreign twist to old dishes in a new country. While new and different, not quite the same in the way I would like:

  • Service – Maybe I’m being particular but I don’t know if I’d be coming back anytime soon
  • Cost – Drastically more expensive than how much they are in their home country.
  • Authenticity – Surprisingly the Korean alterations aren’t bad.

It was a little expensive for what I’ m familiar with back in California but it definitely hit the spot. As much as I would have liked to try the drinks, something didn’t strike me as appealing as spending exorbitant amounts of SGD on drinks in an empty venue at the beginning of the afternoon.

With that being said, the makgeolli infused margaritas did sound interesting; perhaps another time!

Vatos Urban Tacos


Where do you like to go for tacos and margaritas?!?!?

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