Eat Singapore Nasi Lemak at International Muslim Food Stall

by Apr 10, 2019

Is this that place that we saw Bourdain go to?

I think it is…

International Muslim Food Stall

  • Late Night Food
  • Halal Nasi Lemak
  • Bourdain Ate There

We had a long layover at Changi Airport and started to get hungry. Exhausting the plenty of distractions at the terminal, we decided to check out this hawker center after hearing that Anthony Bourdain ate here.

Looking back, perhaps leaving the comforts of the terminal wasn’t the best idea.

Where Is It

In what could very well be the most eastern Singaporean hawker center is Changi Village. We figured out that the cheapest way to get to the Changi Village Hawker Centre was by bus, 2 stops away.

Wandering around the hawker center at night, we were looking for food and were mesmerized by the number of people still out eating. We eventually found International Muslim Food Stall at #01-03, waiting to take and fulfil our order.

Signage International Muslim Singapore

What to Eat

Nasi Lemak, essentially the national dish of Malaysia. To me the sound of coconut cooked rice and a fried egg, along with any number of side dishes sounds a lot like the Pilipino breakfast revolving around garlic fried rice, fried eggs and your choice of fried protein; that’s where the similarities end.

Nasi Lemak:

  1. Cucumber
  2. Small fried fish
  3. Spicy sambal sauce


  1. Vinegar
  2. Pickled Vegetables
  3. Sliced Tomatoes

Since Bourdain ate Nasi Lemak, and since it sounded really good this time of night / early morning, it was the logical choice. Looking through what was left in the display case, we ordered:

  • Deep fried chicken wings
  • Otak otak | banana wrapped fish cake

Hawker Stall International Muslim Singapore

Rice Plate International Muslim Singapore 03


I’m not so sure about nasi lemak, but it wasn’t bad. I’ll have to eat more nasi lemak to get a better idea of what these things taste like.

I don’t think it was necessarily International Muslim Food Stall’s fault for the limited dishes available. We came really late, and I’m hoping on another day that there will be a lot more food variety to go with the coconut rice.

I admit that perhaps I hyped International Muslim venue up a lot in my mind, through no fault of their own. If I’m ever in this area again, I’ll definitely come back and try everything they have to offer. 

Signage Changi Village Hawker Centre Singapore

International Muslim Food Stall


Have you ever followed a TV personality and ate where you saw them go?

You're going to eat, you might as well eat something tasty.
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