Eat Singapore Sushi Omakase at Teppei Japanese Restaurant

by Aug 24, 2019

Omakase in Singapore?


Teppei Japanese Restaurant

  • Affordable Omakase
  • So Much Food You’ll Burst
  • Fun Counter Seating Dining Experience

Sushi omakase?

That’s what your conversation should always be when revolving around a great omakase! Who wouldn’t want a multi course Japanese dinner consisting of what’s fresh at market? With that being said, what I got will more than likely be a little different from what you got  depending on when you go. Such is the eating life, always at the whim of whatever the seasons may provide.

Mind you unless you have been blessed by the Cooking Gods with a day of open seat from a no show or cancelation, you are looking at a several month wait for a seat at the counter. We were fortunate enough for our schedules to allow us to enjoy the fruits of our wait, 2 seats for dinner at Teppei Japanese Restaurant!

Counter Action Teppei Japanese Restaurant Singapore

A Picture is Worth a Lot of Words

I admit that we may have taken too many pictures. And yes, we missed a few pictures because we got caught up in the moment and ate instead of taking a picture first (must remember that the camera must EAT first). But can you blame us? There was over 15 dishes (more like 17 and change) of food that attacked us; some coming in nice and slow while others were coming fast and furious.

While that was an exaggeration (a little), it’s true that we weren’t expecting to be fed a few dishes (more like a bite or spoonfull). So on a couple of occasions we weren’t photo ready. We simply ate and tried to be ready for the next one, which we never were.

Tasting Plate Teppei Japanese Restaurant Singapore

What Had Happened Was

Looking back at the night, I vaguely recall that somewhere during the orchestrated chaos that passed for a dinner service inside the packed and darkly lit bar area of a restaurant, we ordered the premium omakase. I knew that this choice would lead me to my wagyu fix to be satiated.

As always in classic fashion when going to a new venue for the first time, I TRY to go in with little expectations but nothing would have prepared me for the dinner experience that came our way:

  • The night started off with small dishes of food
  • Followed by sporadic hand fed bites here and there
  • There would be small talk with the chefs
  • A tray of food delivered
  • Dazzled by flames lighting the shadows here and there
  • More random tastes hand delivered and spoonfed
  • I distinctly remember the eel, wagyu and uni

A lot was going on and I went native and forgot to objectively write down a lot of things. I gave in and succumbed to the flavors that nearly drowned me in both their quality and and quantity. I was naive to think that I would come out of this hungry…

Don Meal Teppei Japanese Restaurant Singapore

What is It

Teppei is a wonderful 22 counter seat Japanese restaurant known for their lunch bowls during the day and sushi omakase at night. I can’t speak to their bowls but if they are anything like their sold out 15+ dish omakases, then I’m sure they aren’t bad.

Expect a cozy night with whoever you’re going with, even if it’s yourself and enjoy the moment at the counter watching the action of them bringing your dinner to life… And sometimes feeding you your dinner as well (you were warned)!

While some meal ingredients may vary from season to season I’m pretty sure you’ll get some of the following:

  • Rice
  • Soup
  • Assorted Sashimi
  • Uni / Wagyu | if you ordered these
  • Ice Cream

Eel Teppei Japanese Restaurant Singapore

Sashimi Teppei Japanese Restaurant Singapore

Don Teppei Japanese Restaurant Singapore

Beef Rice Teppei Japanese Restaurant Singapore

Beef Teppei Japanese Restaurant Singapore

Rice Ball Teppei Japanese Restaurant Singapore

Where is It

Teppei is on the exterior ground floor of Orchid Hotel in Tanjong Pagar. Keep in mind it’s not located within the Orchid Hotel, their entrance is reached by walking to the left of the lobby entrance and then following along building perimeter till you see Tepei on your right.

It was easy for us to miss it because it’s literally sandwiched between 2 other Japanese restaurants. 

Sake Bottles Teppei Japanese Restaurant Singapore

Order the omakase don’t look back!

You're going to eat, you might as well eat something tasty.
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