Eat Singapore Thai Food at Thai Tantric Authentic Thai Cuisine

by Nov 23, 2018

“Did you just say that this Thai spot is at Orchard Towers?”

“Yeah, but Thai people told me it’s where they go when they are in Singapore!”

Thai Tantric Authentic Thai Cuisine tl;dr

  • Great Value, Great Tasting Thai Food
  • Located at the Infamous Orchard Tower on Orchard Row
  • Be Careful, They Make Their Food Thai Spicy

I love food. I love food that’s authentic. I love authentic great tasting food. I love affordable authentic great tasting food. There’s a lot of food available in Singapore, and a lot of it is more expensive then I’m familiar with or comfortable with.

Back in the US, things can be cheaper but not nearly as authentic, appealing to American tastes. And then there’s the food at their point of origin which can taste great, if you’re open minded about how different it can taste and it doesn’t hurt that most of those foods are also cheaper too… sometimes.

Orchard Towers’ Four Floors of… Partying?

Finding a very authentic Thai spot in Singapore at an affordable price on Orchard Row, especially Orchard Row, despite it’s exact questionable building is a great discovery. The thing about it’s location is that while on Orchard Row, it’s located in the corner on the 3rd floor of Orchard Towers.

You may not know Orchard Towers but the name carries a certain level of Singaporean acceptable promiscuousness due to the number of Go Go Girly type bars that are sprinkled throughout the tower.

I’m not quite sure what these Go Go Girly Bars are like since I’ve never patronized one, but considering the type of revealing apparel the staff wear, I think it’s safe to say that their sort of available services are of the “spicy” sort; much to spicy for me.

Vegetaables Thai Tantric Authentic Thai Cuisine SingaporeThai Greens (Those Aren’t Sun Dried Tomatoes)
Eggplant Thai Tantric SingaporeEggplant
Egg Thai Tantric Authentic Thai Cuisine SingaporeOmelette

Thai Specials

Speaking of spice… Watch out when you ask for them to make it spicy. They make it really spicy, as in special kind of spicy which is probably just normal Thai spicy.

Don’t worry, you won’t die from the spicy heat.

You’ll probably wish you did like I did but you’ll live and learn to regret eating outside your comfort level.

Spice levels aside, I wish I went to Thai Tantric more often. At the rate of eating my way through Singapore, I can’t honestly say that I’ll never become anything more than an irregular visitor at best. With that being said, at least everything they have, be it regular menu item or daily special will all be special to me.

We ordered the pictured eggplant special on the wall. It looked so good that I had to have it and it was well worth the calories.

Green Curry Thai Tantric SingaporeGreen Curry
Pad Thai Thai Tantric SingaporePad Thai
Pork Thai Tantric Authentic Thai Cuisine SingaporeDeep Fried Pork Belly

Meals Like This Make the Time Between Them Less Painful

I feel kind of bad by the obscene amount of food we ordered.

In our defense, we didn’t know their portion sizes and didn’t think that there would be so much put on our plates. Compared to the couple next to us, who had a simple lunch, we barely had enough room on our table for all the food. Looking back, perhaps we over did it with ordering all the things that screamed out to us.

I can’t honestly say that there was anything I wouldn’t order again. Everything was tasty and delicious. As with everything, some items were, to my palate, less tasty than I’ve had while others were more tasty:

  • I can make my own omelettes.
  • I’ve had better pad thai.

Don’t get me wrong, they weren’t bad but not the best so I’d rather spend my calories on dishes I haven’t tried the next time I head back.

Meal Thai Tantric Authentic Thai Cuisine SingaporeMeal
Fish Thai Tantric Authentic Thai Cuisine SingaporeSteamed Fish
Soup Thai Tantric Authentic Thai Cuisine SingaporeTom Yum Soup

So So Good

Where is there to start? Other than the ones previously mentioned, the rest were all so good. Our meal consisting of the tangy tom yum, steamed fish, and especially the crispy deep friend pork belly are all dishes we’ll order again.

You're going to eat, you might as well eat something tasty.
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