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by Feb 1, 2019

Ever hear about the multi flavored soup dumplings?

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Paradise Dynasty tl;dr

  • 8 Flavors of XLB Soup Dumplings
  • Conveniently Located on Orchard Row
  • Paradise Dynasty

Did I mention that I really love XLB Xiao Long Bao Soup Dumpling? I mean, who wouldn’t love thin skinned steamed dumplings filled with piping hot flavorful soup and a pork meatball? It’s more delicious than it sounds. But what I told you there was something new in the XLB world?

On Orchard Row is Paradise Dynasty’s newest branch opening at Wisma Atria; renowned for their signature 8 Flavor Xiao Long Bao! As with everything that is new in Singapore, expect there to be long lines and possibly slower service due to the crowds. I always like to go super early to try to beat the lines because I simply don’t believe in waiting longer than I have to.

Soup Dumpling Menu Paradise Dynasty Singapore8 Flavored XLB Soup Dumpling Eating Guide

Method to the XLB Madness

Paradise Dynasty laid out the eating order of their there 8 Flavor XLB soup dumpling:

  1. Original Flavor
  2. Ginseng
  3. Foie Gras
  4. Black Truffle
  5. Cheesy
  6. Crab Roe
  7. Garlic
  8. Szechuan

This order in particular is specific to their each dumplings flavor profile. Basically, the following flavor is stronger than the last so you’re able to savor each one without fear of it being diluted by the prior one.

Soup Dumpling Paradise Dynasty Singapore 03Everyone Ordered Their Own Set of Soup Dumplings

Food Paradise

The other dishes were tastiest than the standard fare one could typically get at a hawker equivalent. But it’s nice to get it all under one roof from one attendant. And it doesn’t hurt that there’s a touch more effort put into the preparation of certain dishes which shows; like the lack of greasiness of deep fried pork. The stir fried beans had an excellent crispness to it while being perfectly cooked.

Of course I had to order the spicy wantons, while expensive, I had simply had to try their version of it. Their wantons were touch spicier and the pork filling seemed to be substantially bigger than I was used to. While it’s not common that I order fried mantou buns, these were very tasty but then again, nearly everything fried is tasty!

Chicken Paradise Dynasty SingaporeDeep Fried Fragrant Pork Chops
Meal Paradise Dynasty SingaporeOur Paradise Dynasty Meal
Fried Buns Paradise Dynasty SingaporeFried Buns
Green Beans Paradise Dynasty SingaporeStir Fried Bean with Minced Pork

Tried and True

We went with my cousin and enjoyed everything! We enjoyed it so much the last time we went, that we each got our own signature set of the 8 Flavor soup dumplings so we wouldn’t have to decide who was going to eat what. It’s too good of an experience to short change anyone the full breadth of the range of flavors.

Soup Dumpling Paradise Dynasty Singapore 02Another Round of Paradise Dynasty’s Signature XLB
Spicy Wanton Paradise Dynasty SingaporeAnother Version of My Favorite Spicy Wantons

Good Every Now and Again

Paradise Dynasty is indeed a great place to share a meal with friends and family. It is even better if you’re a member because you get a slight discount at all the other restaurants within their extensive Paradise Franchise: from classic Teochew cuisine, to hot pot, modern Chinese preparations and more.

They literally have branches all over Singapore. And they seem to be expanding all the time with new culinary directions and refining their original techniques all the time.

That aside, I wouldn’t go there everyday. I’m still particular about the ease and convenience of eating the simpler hawker variety found. There’s a time and place for everything and the more local experience appeals to me more in a way that is hard to define further with words.

Paradise Dynasty At Wisma Atria


What’s your favorite soup dumpling flavor?

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