Eat Singaporean Chinese Desserts at Mei Heong Yuen

by Jan 17, 2019

You know what sounds good right about now?

Shaved snow covered in fruits and other delicious toppings?

Mei Heong Yuen tl;dr

  • Sweet and Cold Shaved Snow
  • Delicious Special Desserts
  • Cakes and Dumplings

First timers to Singapore can get very easily overwhelmed by heat and humidity. Even for people from hot climates have told me that they find it more oppressive than their home countries. The many times I previously visited Chinatown, I’ve been less than enthused to explore the area too deeply because of physically draining environment that I wasn’t acclimated too (though I’m not sure anyone can get used to the weather).

After moving to Singapore, friends of ours took us out one night, showing us all their favorite haunts. Those places soon came to be our favorite haunts as well. One of those places which turned out to be the sweetest way to end the night was a sizable shop off a side street near Chinatown MRT, Mei Heong Yuen. There, we were overwhelmed by both the menu choices and the strong air conditioning!

Sesame Peanut Balls Mei Heong Yuen SingaporeGlutinous Rice Balls (Sesame and Peanut) in Ginger Soup

What’s Screaming Out to You

After entering Mei Heong Yuen, you’ll find plenty of seats (depending on what time you get there) at one of the many communal tables in the the 3 rooms available. Mei Heong Yuen’s menu is a double sided page of cakes, puddings, dumplings and shaved snow desserts. If they don’t have something that you might want, then you must not have a sweet tooth or desperately trying to find something to cool you off.

There’s something for everyone!

We finally made our first set of choices consisting of mango strawberry shave snow, rice balls in ginger broth, and mango pudding. The staff is too busy to take orders so know from our mistakes. This is the most efficient method of getting you your desserts:

  1. Think about what you want to eat
  2. Make note of your table number
  3. Go up to the cashier
  4. Give the cashier your order
  5. Pay up front in cash
  6. Patiently wait back at your table
  7. Eat and then repeat as needed!
Mango Mei Heong Yuen SingaporeMango with Pomelo and Sago
Snow Mei Heong Yuen Singapore 02Mango and Strawberry Snow

Just Can’t Get Enough

All those desserts were great tasting! They all came out to the table in good order and I think perhaps the reason for all the air conditioning is so that the shaved snow doesn’t melt prematurely.

Barring the glutinous rice balls, the other 2 were a great escape from the heat. While warm, the ginger broth wasn’t piping hot but oddly sort of cooling. The rice ball skins were delicate holding in very pleasant fillings.

Man oh man, shaved snow was just sweet enough to satisfy my sweet tooth and just soft enough to not rub raw the roof of my mouth. Surprisingly they came with a few toppings consisting of strawberry sauce, some boba and cut up mango.

And my favorite mango pudding was just perfect except for the size; wish it came in industrial bucket size. Size aside, the sago laden mango pudding was mangotastic, and the sliced mango and pomelo were both refreshing.

BTW I really like mango!

Dessert Mei Heong Yuen Singapore 022nd Order of Desserts
Dessert Mei Heong Yuen Singapore 033rd Order of Desserts

Hits the Spot, Every Spot

All those desserts hit the spot, scratched that itch, hit the nail on the head, were a hole in one! They were so satisfying that we came back the next day twice after lunch and dinner yet again trying new flavors and some of the tried and true options. Take back the day from the heat and humidity and sweetly cool yourself with a sugary pick-me-up from Mei Heong Yuen!

Mei Heong Yuen


What’s your sweetest method of cooling yourself down?

You're going to eat, you might as well eat something tasty.
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