Eat Tanjong Pagar Bagels at Two Men Bagel House

by Nov 3, 2018

“Bagels? It’s just bread, right?”

“I like that you’re asking me about this…”

Two Men Bagel House tl;dr

  • Great Bagels in Singapore
  • They Offer Many Options
  • Always Great Music

Walking around Tanjong Pagar, Nadia and I have seen our fair share of interesting food options. Tanjong Pagar is literally teeming with all manner of restaurants, bars, and more; if it they sell food then it’s around here somewhere. You can’t walk 5 minutes in any direction without seeing food, smelling food, or wanting food.

One of the many great food spots here, is a bagel place! I can’t believe it myself. I’ve never been a connoisseur of bagels. I just thought that they were another bread, a Jewish bread in origin, but another carbohydrate bread. While it is indeed a bread, Two Men Bagel is one of the tastier bagels I’ve had. And apparently everyone who has ever been there agrees.

More and more people, from all over, especially those who grew up eating bagels testify to their tastiness. Who knew? I didn’t, and now I bring all who want a bagel to this place. It doesn’t hurt that they have plenty of options of bagels, smears, and sandwiches to choose from.

Chefs at Work Two Men Bagel Singapore

Bagels in the Icon Tower

Two Men Bagel is located on the ground floor of Icon Village right across from Cold Storage Grocery Store. You’ll feel like you’re in a market, with sounds from the kitchen, people talking while eating, and a lot of pedestrian traffic coming from anywhere going somewhere else. It’s a pretty open kitchen design, immediately immersing you in the bagel making process:

  • From when you walk down the hall
  • Get in line to order
  • And dine in at one of their tables

Options, Options, and More Options

Once you get in line and look at the wall menu, you’re bombarded with options:

  • They have 10 types of bagels
  • Over 12 sandwiches
  • More than 8 add ons
  • And 14 different spreads

There’s so many choices, you’ll be thankful that there’s a line giving you time to make up your mind.

Avocado Bacon Two Men Bagel Singapore 02

Avo Baco and the Rooster

One of Nadia’s favorites is Avocado Bacon sandwich on an All Sorts (think it has everything) bagel, layered with lettuce, tomatoes, fried egg and a little aioli (pictured above).

Another one that I just had is the Srirach sandwich on a rye bagel stuffed marinated chicken, lettuce, bacon, red onions and more aioli.  I think they are all good and have yet to find a favorite. I just have to go back more often and try more of their creations.

Solid Eats

Compared to the US, I think it’s a touch expensive but maybe it’s par for the course here in Singapore where everything not local is expensive; sometimes not even then. Living here in Tanjong Pagar, Two Men Bagel is definitely one of our Go To Spots because of it’s relatively unique taste and accessibility. I have yet to eat one that I didn’t like.

You're going to eat, you might as well eat something tasty.
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