Eat the Saturday Night Market Chiang Mai

by Jul 25, 2019

​Is this the “Right” Night Market?

Not sure but it’s the right one right now that’s open for business.

Saturday Night Market Chiang Mai tl;dr

  • Night Market Road Closed to Car Traffic
  • A Lot of Food For All Tastes
  • Ridiculously Low Prices!

Chiang Mai has a lot of hawker centers, both touristy and local alike, but I never quite knew really how many till we went looking for one. Like many places in South East Asia, Chiang Mai has it’s fair share of night markets. Many a night did Nadia and I look for the right night market.

Food Stall Saturday Night Market Chiang Mai Thailand

There are so many night markets everywhere that I’m not sure we ever found the “Right” one but we always found places to eat. If I’m not mistaken, there are literally night markets littered throughout Chiang Mai. There simply wasn’t enough time or hunger to eat at all of them.

Cuttlefish Saturday Night Market Chiang Mai Thailand

With that being said,  after a day of hiking, we made our way to a popularly reviewed night market called the Saturday Night Market. We chanced on a specific hawker that was selling really fresh looking fish for an incredible price. We picked out the seafood to be prepared, they gave us a number and we found an adjacent nearby table.

Fish Saturday Night Market Chiang Mai Thailand

We then added a couple more dishes and beers to the order and patiently waited while all the wafting smells from neighboring tables whetted our appetites further. When the food quickly came, we devoured it without abandon; splashing chili sauces here and there, taking gulps of soup between bites, and every so often washing it all down with some ice cold beer. This went on for a while till we were at our limits and then slowly made our way home to sleep it off.

Tom Yum Saturday Night Market Chiang Mai Thailand

What is It

Saturday Night Market is part of one of Chiang Mai’s many night markets. Not having visited as many night markets as I would have liked, I think it’s more of a local night market versus the more touristy ones that can be found in more well known locations inundated with vendors all selling similar items that they think you’ll want to buy.

Go to Saturday Night Market for fresh food cooked to order for your consumption and hunger abatement. You can also find drinks, desserts and everything else that can be found under the moon for your satisfaction.

Where is It

Along the Old City’s Southern Wall off to the right of center, you’ll find the Saturday Night Market where Wua Lai Rd meets Chang Lor Road). It’s closer to the South Eastern corner versus the middle of the wall

Fresh Seafood Saturday Night Market Chiang Mai Thailand

What to Do There

Go here to eat, drink and be merry! Walk around the area and find something you like to eat. Be sure to bring hard cold cash for your street food transactions!

Unlike the communal tables of a lot of hawker centers I’m familiar with, some if not all the tables here are vendor specific. So don’t go sitting anywhere you want with the food from the other side of the street. With that being said, I *THINK* (your mileage may vary) you could possibly, maybe, if you buy enough food from one vendor and sit at their tables then they might not mind you bringing back food from another vendor….

It did cross my mind to buy beers from the more modern convenience store that I saw while walking around but decided against it when I saw that our food vendor sold beer as well.

Shellfish Saturday Night Market Chiang Mai Thailand

All the food and beer came out to $39 USD. 

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