Eat Vivo City Cream Puff at Beard Papa

by Nov 4, 2018

“DURIAN?!?! Beard Papa Durian cream puffs? “

“You know, we have to get some now!”

Beard Papa Durian Cream Puff tl;dr

  • It’s the Beard Papa Cream Puff You Love and Know
  • Now with Durian
  • This is Like I’m Eating a Creamed Durian

A long time ago, before we moved to Singapore, I first encountered Beard Papa back in downtown San Francisco. I believe it was their first step into the California market, if not the American market and I had heard a lot of great things about their cream puffs.

Little did I know that I was unprepared for how AWESOME their cream and custard blend is and how it would explode out of their crisp yet soft puff shell. It would come to forever leave an impression on me.

Half Eaten Cream Puff Beard Papa Singapore

Fast forward to now; I’m a little older, a little bigger and maybe, just maybe, just as smart as I was back then. Here in Singapore, I have to be, generally, more diligent despite the bombardment of exotic flavors that I’d never get to see back in the US. Sure, back there in the states, there may be more variety and relative forward thinking fusion ideas. But the honest to gosh truth is that traditional Asian flavors scream out to the ingredient purist buried deep down inside of me.


With that being said, I try to watch what I eat and make better calorie choices. However, I was walking through Vivo City by my favorite McDonald’s when I saw that Singaporean Beard Papa has durian flavor.

DURIAN cream puffs!? Get out of out of here with that. I could barely smell anything offensively pungent. At that very moment, I came to stark realization that there were some sacrifices in life worth making.

I knew in my heart of hearts that Nadia would enjoy this a lot; if it’s good. On the other hand, if it’s less than good, then I’m stuck with eating 6 cream puffs. There would be 6 glorious assorted Beard Papa vanilla and durian cream puffs in that box all to myself if she didn’t want them.

I’m more than perfectly okay with that. Just in case, I might as well buy a variety pack to cover my bases:

  • Save some money
  • Get more accomplished in one go
  • Eat a variety of flavors versus all durian (just in case)

6 Cream Puffs Beard Papa Singapore

Durian Taste Test

I brought that 6 pack of assorted cream puffs back home and dove right in. It was filled with namely vanilla and durian filling hidden in different plain shell crust varieties (pie and cookie). I was really surprised that I couldn’t smell the durian when I opened the container:

  • Either I got used to the smell of durian.
  • There isn’t a lot of durian in this cream puff.

You have to understand, recently I had McDonald’s durian McFlurry and I was a little apprehensive of being let down again. I can’t live in the past so I got down to the business at hand.

“I took a bite and was blown away… For lack of a better word, this was perfect!”

The taste of durian was prominently blended in the (I’m guessing) vanilla filling; and it wasn’t too strong, and it wasn’t too light. It literally felt like they:

  1. Took a sweet Durian
  2. Blended said durian
  3. Added some vanilla custard cream
  4. Filled a cream puff with said durian blended custard cream

If I close my eyes, I can almost see them doing what I think they did. Seeing it in my hand on the other hand dispels the magic because it doesn’t look like they did what I think they did. BUT I could be wrong and maybe they did… or maybe they didn’t.

Who knows?

All I know is that short of eating a durian, this is the next best thing!

1 Cream Puff Beard Papa Singapore 02

Beard Papa Cream Puff MUST BUY!

You don’t like durian? Buy this!

Do you like durian? Buy this now!

If you were curious, but never got around to tasting it then you must buy this!


Chocolate Kazekaze Beard Papa Singapore

More Than Cream Puffs

I remember back in the US that there were other options if you weren’t in the mood for a cream puff. I always told myself that I’d try the other ones some day. That day never came…

Now faced with the same question, I got this almond encrusted puff cream filled stick and never looked back. Whether it’s available back in the states or not makes this purchase even more intriguing.

After eating it, I don’t know what I was expecting. It wasn’t bad, it wasn’t great, but it definitely wasn’t bad. It was kind of a let down from the AWESOMENESS from the aforementioned durian cream puff. But, as I said, it wasn’t bad so it wasn’t a total loss.

  • Kaze Kaze is long
  • Not as soft even though it’s supposed to be like the cream puff crust
  • It’s covered in almonds
  • The amount of filling, for me, wasn’t as satisfying as a cream puff
  • Heavier feeling than I expected


My Choices, Could Be Your Choices

The durian puff I’ll most definitely get again, and again and again till I explode. It’s surprisingly good, really really good! Regarding the almond kaze kaze stick thing… I probably won’t get that again. Like I said earlier in the post, moving forward, I’m trying to make smarter calorie choices.

Beard Papa


What calorie choices are you making today?

You're going to eat, you might as well eat something tasty.
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