Eat Vivo City Sweet Corn Soft Serve at McDonald’s

by Nov 12, 2018

“I like corn but this sounds kinda weird…”

McDonald’s Sweet Corn Soft Serve tl;dr

  • Imagine Creamed Corn Soft Serve
  • I Like to Cut the Flavor with Vanilla
  • It’s Really Good (to me)

I like corn as much as the next person but when I first saw this, I  was skeptical of it as I usually am. This is even more poignant considering that I’m particular about creamed corn, not eating it too often. This only cost $1 SGD so it wasn’t that big of a loss if I ended up not liking it….

OR it wouldn’t be that bad if I bought more cones!

JM Staring Sweet Corn Soft Serve McDonalds Singapore

Sweet Corn?

I’m always a touch wary jumping face first into a new flavor that could be less than desirable, I opt for a half sweet corn and half vanilla twist soft serve cone. It really dose taste like frozen creamed corn. Maybe I’d go so far as to say that it kind of reminds me popcorn somehow.

All in all, McDonald’s soft serve in any flavor is very enjoyable!

Summer Favorite and My Favorite!

Sweet Corn at $1 SGD is a sweet deal! I know it sounds like a broken record that I like all of the flavors, some more than others, but it’s hard not to like them. It’s not like McDonald’s just randomly picked a flavor out of hat to try. I’m sure the put a lot of thought into demographics and culture and whatever else other metrics they use to better sell their food stuffs to people.

McDonald’s Vivo City


Which flavor do you like that initially surprised you?!?!?

You're going to eat, you might as well eat something tasty.
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