Eating in Tsukiji at Sushi Say Honten

by Oct 20, 2018

“i thought there’d be more things open on Suday?”

“looks like Tsukiji Sushi Say Honten is open”

Tsukiji Sushi Say Honten tl;dr

  • Located in Tsukiji Outer Market
  • Open on Sundays
  • Short lines
Exterior Tsukiji Sushi Say Honten Tokyo JapanShort Line at a Reasonable Hour

What to Do in Tsukiji on a Sunday!?

Back into Tsukiji area and we were hungry for sushi. Not wanting to go through any long lines again (cough*SushiDai*cough), I found another spot for sushi awesomeness. Situated in the Outer Market on one of the side streets is a place that goes by the name of Tsukiji Sushi Say Honten.

The line was shorter and they didn’t open till later in the day. What that means is that you don’t have to get up at the crack of dawn.

The setup inside is nearly identical to most sushi spaces that we’ve been to; long rectangular room with chairs on one side, chefs on the other, divided by a counter filled with fish. Just in case you didn’t know, there are usually baskets like the ones found at grocery stores to place your jackets and other paraphernalia because its warm inside.

Miso Soup Tsukiji Sushi Say Honten Tokyo JapanMiso Soup

Chefs Behind the Counter Tsukiji Sushi Say Honten Tokyo Japan

There’s So Much Food

As we sat there and thought of what to order, we thought about all the other sushi that we’ve had before at other venues. We wanted to get a taste of how their versions of all our favorites were. We ordered the classic tamago (egg), uni (sea urchin), tuna and ikura (salmon roe). Then we ordered there omakase and never turned back. I have to admit that all in all, it was comparable to the other venues we’ve been to.

Tamago Tsukiji Sushi Say Honten Tokyo JapanTamago (Egg)
Mackerel Nigiri Tsukiji Sushi Say Honten Tokyo JapanSpanish Mackerel
Crab Squid Shrimp Nigiri Tsukiji Sushi Say Honten Tokyo JapanCrab, Ika (Squid), and Ama Ebi (Sweet Shrimp)
Tuna Nigiri Tsukiji Sushi Say Honten Tokyo JapanDifferent Cuts of Tuna

Nirigi Tsukiji Sushi Say Honten Tokyo Japan

Ikura and Uni Tsukiji Sushi Say Honten Tokyo JapanIkura (Salmon Roe) and Uni (Sea Urchin)
Nadia Eating Uni Tsukiji Sushi Say Honten Tokyo JapanNadia can’t get enough uni!

Uni Nigiri Eyes Only Tsukiji Sushi Say Honten Tokyo Japan

Go Here to Get Everything You Wanted

Tsukiji Sushi Say Honten’s omakase is cheaper than Sushi Dai, with that being said, the quality of fish is highly comparable without the crowds. Overall, I would more than love to go back to Honten versus another bout with Sushi Dai’s line. All their food was amazing!

I found their shrimp, tamago and ika to be amazing. Their uni and ikura was super fresh, sweeter than normal and more mellow than I was expected to. Nadia disagrees with some of my assessments but I think that has more to do with her fish preferences. Sure, some dishes were not as good, but some were even better than we’ve had. Nadia and I differ on some items but that’s the beautiful thing about flavor, taste is in the palate of the beholder.

Tsukiji Sushi Say Honten is a great place to eat at!

  1. It’s cheaper
  2. More accessible
  3. Nearly just as good as Sushi Dai

But don’t let me tell you this.
Go and find out for yourself!

You're going to eat, you might as well eat something tasty.
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