Elephant Wake Up Call at Chai Lai Orchid

by Aug 11, 2019

Can you get us a wake up call?

I sure will!

Elephant Wake Up Call tl;dr

  • Elephants!
  • Nothing Prepares You For This
  • This Could Be Potentially Messy

You wake up. 

I wake up!

Everyone wakes up!

Waking up is just a normal everyday occurrence that everyone, even myself, from time to time has become an uncelebrated part of our daily ritual. But why? Waking up might be the hardest thing to do for some, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be!

Well, it won’t be today! Good bye bad morning! Good riddance to rough starts! Say hello to the sun! This morning will be pleasantly interrupted by our elephantine sized friend with a lil nudge of his trunk. 

Chiang Mai Chai Lai Orchid Nadia and Elephant

What is It

With special prearrangement with management, you too can have a hungry and wrinkly friend wake you up during your stay! Your mutual friendly mahout, elephant caretaker, will arrive with a gentle rap at the door with a smile, a good morning and a bag of bananas. 

Then try as you might, prepare yourself for the experience of a lifetime where that gentle giant comes lumbering by to your deck for a friendly “Hello” or trunk snort if you will. 

Be wary, their trunks may be snotty!

Chiang Mai Chai Lai Orchid Nadia and Jm and Elephant 03

Where is It

Where is it you may wonder? Well, it’s at your Chai Lai Orchid room’s doorstep. The action will come to you so you don’t need to do much other than perhaps get decent for a morning arrival. 

Chiang Mai Chai Lai Orchid Nadia and Jm and Elephant 02

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