Elephants of Bali Mason Elephant Lodge

by Nov 14, 2015

This hotel has elephants…


Mason Elephant Lodge tl;dr

  • A Lot of Elephants
  • Rescued Balinese Elephants
  • Controversial?

Mason Elephant Lodge is more than simply a hotel and it’s more than a simple sanctuary. Mason Elephant Lodge is where human and elephant can interact in a protected and safe environment for all those involved.

The trainer then explained that both he and his elephant both relocated from Sumatra. Due to their bonding over the years, the trainers were necessary for their continued survival elsewhere.

Who is Petting Who?

One of the many highlights were when the elephants would do trunk tricks a la placing wreaths around us. The posing of course didn’t always go as planned. In one picture you can clearly see that a trunk to my eye was a form of pacadermis affection from them to me.

They were so cute, we couldn’t help ourselves coming back time and time again during our stay. They just want to be loved!


Another area where a mother and her baby were feeding. The baby’s natural wrinkly happy expression only grew bigger as we fed him bamboo stalks. I could have spent all day just watching the little guy go back and forth learning more and more about the world. He had a certain tenderness and innocence that’s universal in all children.

Other Than Elephants

We were surprised by their collection of flora other than elephants. There were numerous ponds teaming with koi fish and other large water animals. It was interesting to note that the different ponds were all connected, circulating the water nearly everywhere, to and from in every which way for reasons unknown to me.

I would imagine it had to do with some kind of hydro conservation or some other science outside my realm of knowledge.

Show Time?

There are other holding pens, more open areas, and hidden paths strictly for the elephants. We were able to see all of it and then some. Within one of the open areas is a staging area where elephants perform feats of talent.

It was fascinating to see elephants stand on their hind legs, swing hula hoops from their trunks, squirt water on unsuspecting tourists and paint.

Yes, I said paint.

As in P-A-I-N-T, the kind you do with a brush and canvas; what some may consider to be a intelligence only artistic process.

With that being said, it made me wonder…

Painter Mason Elephant Lodge Bali

At the End of the Day

Between all the fond memories, and fun interactions, there’s a concern that has been on the edge of my consciousness since entering the lodge. After everything is said and done, clearly, I didn’t and still don’t know enough about elephants and their issues.

While there have been concerns as to the ethics and morality of these venues, one must consider the alternative. If the elephants weren’t here, would they be better off where they came from? I honestly don’t know but I’ve read the statistics, and no one gets a free meal; not even an elephant.

You're going to eat, you might as well eat something tasty.
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