Enjoy Your Meal by the Water at Galae Restaurant

by Jul 28, 2019

Man it’s hot today!

That’s why we’re going to be eating in the shade.

Galae Restaurant tl;dr

  • Next to a Cooling Reservoir
  • Tasty Northern Thai Food
  • There’s a Garden

Thailand can be a hot country. It’s always nice to visit but I quickly get drained by the weather, limiting my ability to explore without preparation. Eating in a less than hot venue is a quick way to both recover from the weather and get nourishment in to sustain you through the day!

A group of us went to Galae Restaurant prior to hiking through the mountains as a way for a quick pick me up before it got too hot. Personally, I already thought it was too hot but I kept that to myself. This quirky restaurant is filled with flowers and picnic tables. It appeared that most people sat at tables under umbrellas by the neighboring reservoir where most of the staff patiently waited.

Papaya Salad Galae Chiang Mai Thailand

Considering that we had a long day ahead of us, this was not the time to gorge our appetites on mountains of Northern Thai food so we ordered sparingly, just enough to get us to our next meal:

  • Papaya Salad
  • Wide Noodle Dish
  • Water Spinach

Water Spinach Galae Chiang Mai Thailand

What surprised the entire table the most was the flavors that come out in the dishes. The water spinach had a certain something that is hard to describe; the Chinese call it Wok Hei (breath of the wok). Whatever it was, it was amazing and we ordered more of it.

And the noodles were surprisingly very delicate and not too heavy. I literally wanted to ask them to bring out a bucket of nothing more than those noodles that I could slowly devour over the course of however long it would take. I know it’s carbs but it’s worth the extra miles I’ll end up running to burn off all that energy reserve.

Noodles Galae Chiang Mai Thailand

What is It

Galae Restaurant Garden is a conveniently shaded area that serves great priced food only matched by it’s deliciousness.

Eating Area Galae Chiang Mai Thailand

Where is It

Galae Restaurant is in the West of Chiang Mai’s Old City just outside Doi Suthep-Pui National Park on Suthep Rd. At the corner in the road, you’ll find the entrance and at the bottom of a shallowly snaking stairway you’ll find a table for you and yours.

What to Do There

Whether you’re about to hike or coming back from one, Galae is a great place to either prepare or recover from any hike. The cooling reservoir breeze, the plentiful shade and the colorful flowers in combination with the many dishes lend themselves to a very recuperative, restful and calming experience.

Between you and me, if it was my choice, I could have easily spent a lot of the day there just taking in the surroundings. And did I mention how good the noodles and water spinach was? I would have snacked on both throughout the day!

And yes, we couldn’t help ourselves and posed with some interesting garden elements that we found.

Posing with Friends Galae Chiang Mai Thailand 02

$17 USD per person.

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