Enjoying Tokyo’s Midtown Christmas Lights

by Apr 29, 2020

I never knew there were all these lights in Tokyo?

Neither did I…

Tokyo’s Midtown Christmas tl;dr

  • Can be found outside Tokyo Midtown mall at Hinokicho Park between mid November to mid December
  • Take the 2nd floor walkway for a spectacular night time view
  • Roppongi Station is the closest station
  • Go at night and wear a jacket!

Nadia and I have some of the most wonderful experiences just wandering around. Don’t get me wrong, we try to do things that are in season or are “must do” activities, but a lot of the time, we simply like to enjoy a new location through the eyes of a local, as much as that is possible. 

While there are great monuments and museums and any number of unique things to see and do, some of the most memorable, at least for me, is finding something that it truly unique and maybe simple in the moment that may be taken for granted  but can only be experienced through the eyes of someone living there.

With that being said, we were in Tokyo one December, staying in the Roppongi, exploring the area when we heard about some lights. I love local! I love lights! I love local lights!

And off we went to find the Midtown Christmas.

What is It

Midtown Christmas is the combination of lights and Christmas decorations in and around the Tokyo Midtown complex. Outside the complex there are trees adorned in lights and within there are lights, holiday decorations and classic Christmas trees.

In a field just outside the complex, the main highlight can be found at Hinokicho Park filled with lights, oh so many lights! There were:

  • Static lights
  • Blinking lights
  • Moving lights
  • Strobing lights
  • Colored lights and more!

There were all manner of lights going in nearly every direction to the captivating sound of Christmas music. To make it more magical, I’m pretty sure I saw bubbles floating around.

Before even seeing the Christmas field, standing guard up and down the park perimeter are countless trees even more epically lit than the ones outside the mall entrance. It’s all truly worth seeing at night!

Where is It

Tokyo Midtown is complex consisting of:

  • Shopping Center
  • Restaurants
  • Hotel
  • Museum and then some

Admittedly, I didn’t see most of this except for the shops and restaurants that lined our route through the complex to get to the lights. 

After wandering around several floors of the complex, we realized that the lights were outside. Coming down from the top floor, I saw an exit on the 2nd floor leading to a walkway. As we got closer, we came to the realization that there was a field of lights outside and that the above ground path would give us a great view of them in it’s entirety.

Nadia at the Midtown Christmas Lights Tokyo

What to Do

Enjoy the moment and take in all the bright holiday splendor that is Tokyo’s Midtown Christmas. It may take you a while, as there is a lot to see… 

Be sure to wear a jacket, it’s cold out there!

Before or After seeing the lights:

  • Walk around the park
  • Go shopping in Tokyo Midtown
  • Walk back to Roppongi for something to eat

There’s plenty to do in the area, though to be fair, be sure to be hungry and thirsty because most things are food and beverage venues. Whatever you decide to do, go have fun!

You're going to eat, you might as well eat something tasty.
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