Falling in Love with Cirque du Soleil’s Love

by May 27, 2020

Theres nothing you can do that cant be done

Nothing that you can sing that can’t be sung

The Beatles LOVE | Cirque du Soleil tl;dr

  • Watch For The Visceral Aural Wonder
  • Watch For The Beatles Music
  • Watch Because of Love

The Beatles are a musical force that have transformed both their genre and the culture spanning time and space impacting all who hear their audio creations. Cirque du Soleil is a art troupe transforming everything you thought you knew about their genre into something pure, something innocent, something you need to see to believe.

With that being said, let’s start at the end…

Love Las Vegas 795x500 (20)

Love Las Vegas 395x628 (5)

Love is all you need!

Sitting there at the end, I needed a moment to start to process what I just went through. If that sounds harrowing, fret not weary internet traveler because it was more akin to falling through fond memories, tender emotions, and vivid nostalgia all wrapped up into one to music that I could sing a long too.

Cirque’s Love is literally a rollercoaster of epic proportions that only disappointed when it ended; overwhelming as you fall through it all making me afraid of hitting the bottom.

When Nadia and I eventually found our feet and walked through the falling “petals” from above. Slowly descending the stairs we were mind blown, still processing what we had just witnessed. The only outward sign that the show left an impression on us was the sweet melody that hummed as we walked out.

Love Las Vegas 795x500 (13)

Love Las Vegas 395x628 (3)

As expected of all Cirque du Soleil performances, they are a shock to the system, both visually and aurally. The entire show from beginning to end played on preconceived notions of reality and physics with their menagerie of music coordinated costumed acrobatics that defy imagination.

I wish there was much to say more than that. I admit that I’m a little light on the history or context about a lot of the songs but enjoy everything about it for their face value. Some lyrics and harmonies play to the ear and soothe the soul, while others simply leave me in childish wonder of their meaning.

Love Las Vegas 795x500 (28)

Love Las Vegas 395x628 (4)

Don’t get me wrong, the troupe go through acts that roughly resemble a story that both feels at time disjointed yet flows nonetheless through the soundtrack the unites it all…
(thinking for a sec)

Much like the oftentimes disjointed life’s milestones united by the presence of love.

Nadia make our way to the strip and see the signage and take a moment to breathe and look at each other.
Love is all you need!

Love Las Vegas 795x500 (9)

Love Las Vegas 395x628 (20)

Love Las Vegas 795x500 (21)

Love Las Vegas 395x628 (17)

What is It

The Beatles LOVE – Cirque du Soleil is but one of Cirque’s many creative renditions. 

Mirage Las Vegas (3)

Love Las Vegas 395x628 (11)

Where is It

The Beatles LOVE – Cirque du Soleil is located in the The Mirage hotel in the northern end of the Las Vegas strip. One you walk off the strip, you’ll walk through the casino looking for the entrance leading to a cavernous dark Las Vegas cave that once the light turns on, reveals that its anything but.

Love Las Vegas 795x500 (29)

Nadia Mirage Las Vegas (1)

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