Finally Reaching Mount Bromo

by Apr 23, 2019

So we can’t go to the volcanic rim?

IT did just erupt.

Mount Bromo Sunrise Tour | Part 3 tl;dr

  • Erupted February 19, 2019
  • Horseback Riding
  • There’s a Temple

There’s nothing quite like reaching your intended destination. The sense of fulfillment and satisfaction of a trip worthwhile is priceless. And sometimes the destination can still be out of reach while being in front of you. But to every cloud, there’s a silver lining.

Having come down from the summit view and playing in the sand, we finally reach our destination. The sense of eery reverie enjoyed by everyone in the area quickly confuses my sense of danger from the ever looming pillar of smoke continuously emitted from Mount Bromo.

It’s a surreal moment that is hard to rectify considering that it could potential go from ok to crazy at any moment despite safety assurances. Smothering my overactive fight / flight response, I figure since we’re here, we might as well make the most of it and take a ton of pictures.

Nadia Probolinggo Bromo 02

Where Is It

Mount Bromo is roughly 2.5 hours away from Malang, slowly reached by jeep over rocky roads and switchbacks.

Horse Probolinggo Bromo

What to Do

Guess what? It’s time for more pictures! There’s a few things to do actually other than take weird pictures posing with the mountainous Bromo.

Locals offering horseback rides to the temple at the base of Mount Bromo. I wish I could say that I knew more about the temple but Nadia and I opted to skip the temple since we’ll be back again.

From our staged photo shoot, I can see people:

  • Eating whatever they brought with them
  • Hiking off in different directions
  • While others are singing and doing group activities
  • And of course there’s horseback riding!

Nadia and JM Probolinggo Bromo 03

Temple Probolinggo Bromo

Next Time!

I can only imagine what there is to see at the temple and from the top of the stairs at the rim of Mount Bromo. While it would have been nice, we figured that we’d see them both another time and we there was still more places to go after this stop.

We’ll be back and hopefully Mother Nature will find it in her ever generous hospitality to grace us with good weather to actualize our desire to see a sunrise.

Nadia and JM Probolinggo Bromo 02

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