Finding All Kinds of Things at Kauai’s Nawiliwili Park

by Oct 10, 2019

What’s that over there?

Are you talking about that park or those chickens?

Nawiliwili Park tl;dr

  • Nice Beach
  • South Side of Kauai
  • Watch Out for the Chickens!

Like the beaches, there are plenty of parks for all to enjoy. Just be careful at this park because the feathered locals may be bothersome. Otherwise there’s not much going on and that’s probably for the best. If you want more action, head over to the beach where I saw a lot of water activity.

Nawiliwili Park Kauai HI (2)

Don’t feed the chickens!

What is It

Nawiliwili Park is a park right next to the beach with wonderful views with a couple of picnic tables but I imagine they go fast. It was a nice place to stop and take in the scenery and get a breath of fresher air. 

Nawiliwili Park Kauai HI (8)

I hear the beach is pretty nice to check out!

Where is It

Nawiliwili Park is located on the southeastern side of the island near the airport and Kalapaki Beach.

Nawiliwili Park Kauai HI (9)

Watch your step and where you drive for chickens!

You're going to eat, you might as well eat something tasty.
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