Firenze Photos in Fall

by May 14, 2013

All That Is, Was and Will Be of Florence

My sister was studying abroad for several months and was finishing up during the holidays. I went to visit her in Florence during her last week of exams so that I could explore some of Italy and then after her finals slowly travel back home. Bit of advice, traveling during the holidays is nicer than normal, especially on Thanksgiving giving me the leg up on seat space on the plane. Imagine stretching out across the entire row all by yourself.

Yeah, I was that guy.


The Sunset Over Florence
A Statue in Florence
Lovers Walking Down the City Street in Florence at Night

I made it to Firenze and saw what I could see. Cathy, my sister, showed me the essentials and taught me the basics of navigating the streets and stores so that I could venture forth into the Florentine world without incident. Apparently all I had to was walk and look around to avoid bumping into things to get from one bridge to the next. She was finishing up her studies and I gallivanted to my hearts content. I had pondered traveling around Italy by train but instead thought to explore all that I could in Florence considering how rare it is for me to head to this part of the world. I found sights, visited museums, prayed at churches, walked the streets, crossed the bridges, sipped the espressos, drank the wines, slurped the noodles, scooped the gelatos and ate everything else. I didn’t realize that there were so many Americans there as well. As it turned out that a lot of Americans study abroad here.


The Sun Over the Bridge in Florence
A Florentine Street Performer Dressed as the Statue Behind Him
Someone Rowing Against the Current Under the Ponte Vecchio in Florence
A Man Walking Along the Top of One of the Arno River Dams in Florence
View of the Ponte Vecchio From Our Room in Florence
Pink Marshmallow like clouds in the Florentine Skyline

Did I mention the sky?


Silver lining to the Florentine clouds

The skies are wonderfully awe inspiring.



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