First Night at the Holiday Inn Bandung Pasteur

by Jan 5, 2018

“The Holiday Inn isn’t that far from the airport.”
“It’s not far, but the traffic seems to be really heavy.”

Holiday Inn Bandung Pasteur tl;dr

  • It’s “Near” the airport
  • There’s a pool
  • Across the street from awesome food

Hello Bandung!

As part of our Bandung trip, since we ended up needing to fly in a day early (cheaper plane tickets due to a last minute booking) and I needed one more night for my IHG Accelerate challenge in Q4, we booked this hotel for a < $50 USD rate to kill two birds with one stone.

Holiday Inn Bandung Pasteur, although closer to the airport than the Crowne Plaza was in a slightly scarier looking neighborhood at first glance. If it’s your first time in Bandung be aware that not all areas are created equally; there weren’t any sidewalks making crossing the street less than ideal.

The Hotel Pluses Include:

  1. The rooms are big and spacious (with an indoor pool right outside).
  2. Close proximity to one of my favorite outlets, Rumah Mode.
  3. It’s also fairly conveniently located to other famous shopping malls in the Bandung area.
  4. Another plus is the Raja Sunda (famous Sudanese restaurant) located across the street with affordable local fare
    1. Just be careful crossing the very busy street, I recommend the overhead pass

What I Didn’t Love About the Hotel:

  1. The bottled water next to the sink which made me wonder how safe the tap water is for brushing my teeth
    1. Didn’t take the chance to so I used it
  2. That the hotel didn’t include breakfast in my rate.
    1. Which personally I thought was part of every Holiday Inn / Holiday Inn Express offering.
    2. Breakfast wasn’t even offered for members with platinum status which I also found quite odd.

Ultimately a solid hotel for the price point and convenient location. Not a bad accommodation choice while visiting Bandung.

Holiday Inn Bandung Pasteur


Where do you like to stay in Bandung!?!?

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