Foie Gras in Austin

by Sep 24, 2014

Is that foie?

There’s so many foie choices. How to decide?

Second Bar + Kitchen tl;dr

Second Bar + Kitchen is another part of the Congress family of restaurants which also has Congress and Bar Congress. It’s beautiful decorated inside the restaurant with a simple yet elegant motif with dark wood and metal accents. We went here after Fireside, probably not ideal looking back at it but regardless it was delicious.

Foie Gras in Austin

If you were like us and weren’t able to finish your entrees allow us to reassure you that you need not worry. The foie gras is still as good the next day! For food, we ordered three seared foie dishes, a tradition we have whenever we leave California and in a city that serves it. We got:

  • Black Truffle Pommes Frites served with a truffle aioli and topped with seared foie gras
  • Congress Burger with house ground meat, shallot confit, gruyere, greens, tomatoes, horseradish pickles and seared foie gras
  • Black and Bleu Pizza: Pizza with black truffle, bleu cheese, pork belly, medjool dates which added a nice touch of sweetness, red onion and seared foie gras

Second Bar + Kitchen Black and Bleu Pizza

Funny note, when we placed the order, the waitress asked if we were from California. It must have been obvious since we opted for the seared foie on everything! Wow everything was delicious! I mean anytime I can have truffle and seared foie gras, I’m a happy camper!

Everything was amazingly tasty and the black and bleu pizza was very unique, haven’t had anything like it (surprising since I don’t even normally like bleu cheese!). The menu itself was nicely priced and $14 to add a nice chunk of seared foie is really not a bad price! Highly recommend.

F8T Tip Try not to eat delicious seared foie gras dishes while drunk. You probably won’t appreciate it nearly as much!

Second Bar + Kitchen


Seared foie gras or foie gras torchon?

You're going to eat, you might as well eat something tasty.
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