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by Mar 1, 2014

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ISO Beers Beer Bar & Bottle Shop tl;dr

Recently it seems as there has been a steady improvement to the scene in Downtown San Jose from new restaurants to bars. I still remember when San Pedro Market first opened offering San Jose residents a chance to really enjoy the outdoor areas and have a ferry building like environment minus the 45 minute drive to San Francisco.

Beer in a Glass Filled From a Beer Bottle From a Box

ISO beers, a new beer spot in San Jose is one of the newest of such places downtown and a great place to hang out with friends. Having been opened about a month plus, when we first heard about this place from a friend we were intrigued to find out which direction the owners decided to take this new downtown option.

With the success of places like Singlebarrel and 55 South for cocktails and Original Gravity for beer, the micro brew scene is slowly but surely expanding. On a personal note, I’ve also recently I’ve really been enjoying a lot more craft brews than normal so when I first walked into the place I was pleasantly surprised.

Three Bottles of Beer at ISO Beer

Sitting down at one of the communal tables near the front, I had a clear view of the steel taps in front of me with a pretty vast selection of beers ranging from an Allagash White to a quadrupel. Then on the left side, there is a huge beer fridge with many options where you can buy the beers there and consume (if it’s less than a four pack) with a corkage of $1.

Nadia and JM Enjoying Some Beer at ISO in San Jose

A couple of my favorite aspects of this place is the beautiful patio outside where you can drag the tables outside and enjoy the sunshine (especially with the lovely 80 degree temperatures we’ve been having) and the option to order food from a local restaurant (Grub shack to the right and Ike’s to the left are some fantastic choices) and bring it in to eat.

Pouring Some Beer into a Glass at ISO Beer
Happy Face Between 2 Bottles of Beer at ISO Beer

With friendly staff and an ever growing collection, I can see this place becoming really popular and myself frequenting it even more in the future.

Can’t wait to see what I’ll try next there!

Iso Beers Beer Bar & Bottle Shop


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