From Hanalei Coffee Roasters to Hanalei Bread Company

by Sep 3, 2019

What do you mean they are closing?

Yeah, the coffee is still available but the cafe is now another.

Hanalei Coffee Roasters -> Hanalei Bread Company tl;dr

  • Closed in September of 2016
  • Sold to Neighbor and Rebranded as The Hanalei Bread Company
  • Memories Are Bittersweet

Coffee is a time honored way of waking up around the world. Whether it is with espresso, capuchino, mocha or simple straight black coffee, that magical bean has created a global following of caffeine junkies. And wouldn’t you know it, that that coffee beans can be grown in Hawaii!

How does one wake up in Kauai? I don’t know what one typically does but Nadia and I woke up near this charming cafe that served the best coffee. The husband and wife team that created Hanalei Coffee Roasters have instilled a sense of warmth and family into this old cafe of theirs. 

And you can also taste it in the love they put into the food creations. Everything from the breads to the smoothies to the waffles hit the spot. 

Hanalei Coffee Roasters Kauai HI (4)

Then And Now

So you’ll understand my sadness when I heard that they sold their space to focus on their true love of coffee; I can respect that. I only wish I had another chance to patronize their cafe. 

With that being said, as I understand it, they sold their space to the neighboring restaurateur and that the new Hanalei Bread Company that took over the space is just as good; at least I hope so.

I look forward to going our old haunt to see what new things that have developed since the last time we were there. 

Isn’t that always the case, to want to see again the places that made it so special for you?

What is It… Now

Hanalei Coffee Roasters still exists but now only in the form of their produced coffee.  They used to be a cafe serving all manner of pastries and snacks on top of their coffee. Now they have sold their cafe and gone back to focussing on making great Hawaiian coffee.

On the other hand, the old Hanalei Coffee Roasters cafe then became the Hanalei Bread Company, which I hear is quite good. This new cafe appears to have been redesigned reflecting a more modern decor however if I what I hear is correct, they should still be selling Hanalei Coffee Roasters coffee.

Hanalei Coffee Roasters Kauai HI (3)

Where is It

Hanalei Coffee Roasters at 5-5161 Kuhio Highway is now gone, but in it’s place is The Hanalei Bread Company.

Hanalei Coffee Roasters Kauai HI (6)

What to Do There

Hanalei Coffee Roasters used to provide entirely plated meals. We used to get our breakfasts there.

And now…. You can still get your breakfast there.

Hanalei Coffee Roasters Kauai HI (1)

We’ll be back to check out the Hanalei Bread Company sooner or later!

You're going to eat, you might as well eat something tasty.
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