Get Caught By Tokyo’s Tetsuji Taiyaki

by Mar 26, 2019

What is this machine making?

Ok, you can watch it, and buy one.

Tetsuji Taiyaki たい焼き鉄次 tl;dr

  • Taiyaki | Japanese Dessert Filled Fish Shaped Cakes
  • Surrounded by Other Delicious Foods in the Basement
  • They Have a Machine That Constantly Makes Taiyaki

Like many other posts, I was walking around somewhere on the way to do something else when something stops me dead in my tracks. I don’t know whether I’m just simply entertained or whether my feet are directly controlled by my sense of smell but when I passed near Tetsuji Taiyaki I had to stop.

Where Is It

Located in the basement level of the Daimaru building in Tokyo. I’ve come to discover that most shopping centers are tall and narrow spread over many floors versus what is typically found in America. More importantly, on one of the floors, in this case the basement, there is a lot of food options.

Down one of the halls of the food labrynth you can find Tetsuji Taiyaki.

What to Eat

Among traditional Japanese desserts, there is a sweet filled fish shaped waffle like concoction called taiyaki. Taiyaki kind of smells like a waffle, made similarly to a waffle, but doesn’t look like a waffle. The mouth feel and flavor very much reminds me of a waffle; sweet, crispy yet chewy texture.

I’m not sure if they offer more than the red bean azuki that I ordered but typically most places have a number of different sweet fillings:

  • Sweet potato
  • Cream
  • Custard
  • Chocolate

Machine Making Tetsuji Taiyaki

Interior Tetsuji Taiyaki

Nadia Eating Tetsuji Taiyaki

JM Eating Tetsuji Taiyaki

Bitten Tetsuji Taiyaki

Automated Machines Make Everything Interesting

While the machine caught my attention, it is the product itself which will always bring me coming back time and time again.

You're going to eat, you might as well eat something tasty.
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