Great Menu del Dia at a Great Price in Madrid’s TERRAMUNDI

by Mar 25, 2019

Does this place have a Menu Del Dia?

Yes, yes they do!


  • Menu del Dia
  • Fancier Ambiance
  • Tasty Seafood at a Great Price

Love the food that we have been eating all around downtown Madrid. Apparently there’s more than just churros around here. And menu del dia is one of the great ways to try some great food without breaking your budget.

However with our visit coinciding with a local holiday a lot of restaurants were either closed, reserved or didn’t offer a menu del dia during the holiday. Not only were we exploring the city, and learning everything we could about Madrid, we were on the search for a menu del dia to try out.

Terramundi Nadia and JM

Terramundi Decor 03

Where Is It

We lucked out and found a venue that was not only open, but not fully booked out, and also offered their typical menu del dia despite it being a holiday. Entering off the street we found the interior to be a bright country vibe with sea accents. Despite being kind of odd, it was a refreshing change of style to most of the other places we have seen around Madrid. For about $12 Euro you get your choice from a list an extensive list of lunch options.

Terramundi Menu 02

Terramundi Menu

What to Eat

Looking over the menu, we ordered:

  1. Chicken with peppers
  2. Grilled shrimp
  3. Grilled octopus
  4. Pork knuckle

All this for less that 20 Euro…. Did I mention you also get wine AND a dessert?!? Yeah, you get the appetizer, main dish, a glass of wine and dessert. If that isn’t a deal, I don’t know what is. Unfortunately for us, considering this is our first menu del dia, it sets the bar pretty high.

Terramundi Chicken

Terramundi Squid

Terramundi Shrimp

Terramundi Nadia

Terramundi JM

Sweet Tooth Satisfaction

Last but not least, about dessert is also tasty. That Greek yogurt and nut bread with ice cream hit the spot rounding off the meal.

Terramundi Dessert Menu

Terramundi Yogurt

Terramundi Dessert

Good Food Doesn’t Have to be Expensive

When in Spain, always look for places that offer a menu del dia. You’ll get a great variety of options for a great price that will keep you within budget without breaking the bank. Nothing is worse than running out of funds before the end of the trip.

Terramundi Decor 02



Where’s your favorite Menu del Dia?

You're going to eat, you might as well eat something tasty.
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