Hand Pulled Noodles in Cupertino

by Oct 1, 2014

Ever have hand pulled noodles?

Aren’t they all the same?

QQ Noodle tl;dr

We’re always on the hunt for good food and one of the principals I always encourage others to practice is to explore new restaurants and cuisines, without doing so it’s hard to determine what you’ll like and what you dislike or any new jewels in close proximity to your home.

Like I’m in Another Country But in Cupertino

For us, QQ was another one of those neighborhood exploration finds. Having traveled to Hong Kong multiple times and always having a fine appreciation for hand pulled noodles, when I heard about this spot that serves hand pulled noodles and other delicious Chinese specialties.

QQ Noodle's Beef with Hot Chili Garlic Sauce

Located in a plaza packed with other business such as a dance studio next door and a Japanese tapas restaurant just a few doors down, QQ is a little closer to the street; however the trouble in finding it, the name is written in Chinese and not English so if you don’t read Chinese, be on the lookout for the number of the restaurant, 10889.

Parking can be a little tight and people are everywhere so just be a little patient as you scour the lot for a spot and be careful you watch for those pedestrians for they sure as heck don’t look like they’re watching for you as they blindly go about their way without a care in the world.

QQ Noodle's Dry Noodles with Spicy Pork in Garlic Sauce

Back to QQ, walking in you’ll queue in line behind others who are also most likely waiting for a table but be aware and watch for the servers for they’ll shout out numbers of people they can seat and if you fit, raise your hand and they’ll quickly show you to a table. Like a lot of Chinese restaurants it’s no secret that service is less than ideal especially if you don’t speak Mandarin, but once you get over that part, the food itself is good.

Also, the menu is luckily like a picture book so even if you didn’t understand the limited English descriptions for certain items, you can take a look at the picture and you’re more than likely to at least get what you saw in the photo. After having read multiple reviews from friends and others, we had went in knowing a couple of things we wanted to order and even after looking around and seeing the dishes in person and on the menu, we stuck with our original choices and ordered the following:

QQ Noodle's Rouburger: Shredded lamb in a steamed bun

  • Beef with Hot Chili Garlic Sauce: A cold beef dish this is great and packed full of flavor; however, it is a little bit on the oily side
  • Rouburger: Shredded lamb in a steamed bun. Since I’m not a huge fan of lamb I didn’t eat very much of this but luckily the flavors hid the gamey taste of lamb which is nice
  • Fish in a Spicy Noodle Soup: I loved the fish in this dish, it was light and I believe slightly battered. The noodles were also had a great chew and consistency. However, the soup was slightly tasteless despite the chili oil. Odd considering when you look at it, you’d think it’d have more flavor. I had to add some soy sauce and pepper to help with the soup.
  • Dry Noodles with Spicy Pork in Garlic Sauce: Delicious! This has fat uneven noodles so different than what you may expect especially if you’re not used to anything but regular evenly shaped noodles but really get over this part because the dish is great! The pork has such great flavor, once you mix up everything in the bowl, it is packed with flavor. I especially loved the garlic in the dish, the best of everything I ate

All in all, I’d say that out of everything I ate, the spicy pork dry noodles were my favorite. Everything else felt really oily, in fact for the fish in spicy noodle soup I had to scoop out some of the oil from the soup before even eating it. Looking forward to trying other noodle dishes like the lighter noodle soups and other dishes with less oil in it. Total for lunch for both of us was $27.

QQ Noodle


What’s your favorite kind of Chinese cuisine?

You're going to eat, you might as well eat something tasty.
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