Hong Kong Style Desserts in San Mateo? Yes, Please!

by Aug 23, 2013

You ever have HK style dessert?

What’s a HK style dessert?

Dessert Republic tl;dr

Ever feel like transporting yourself to Asia, Hong Kong in particular where there is just tons of amazing food around every corner on the street? That’s how I felt when I stepped into the Dessert Republic shop in San Mateo recently. Having been to Osteria Coppa multiple times, this was actually the first time I’ve been to Dessert Republic but I’m glad I did.

My mom is a huge fan of Chinese desserts and this place definitely gives you plenty to choose from. The menu varies from steamed egg custards, crepes, sweet tofu with an assortment of toppings like sweet red beans, etc.

Sesame Balls in a Sweet Ginger Broth at Dessert Republic

This was the first dessert I ever tasted in Hong Kong! Sesame balls in a sweet ginger broth

The dessert I ordered was the sesame balls in a sweet ginger broth (pictured above) which is pretty much of the first desserts I ate on my most recent trip to Hong Kong and just fell in love with! The ginger broth was just heavenly and perfect for ginger lovers like myself and the sesame ball was similar to something served at dim sum with the black sesame paste inside a soft mochi type outer layer.

At the cafe they also have a variety of food options and smoothie/pearl tea options. Most items range from $4/$5 for dessert and $8/$9 for food. Looking forward to going back and trying more of their items.

On a random note, their decor is really interesting and reminds me of little shops in Asia, particularly in the George Town part of Penang. There is also a fairly clean bathroom with the most hilarious sign reminding customers not to stand on the toilet out of courtesy to others.

Also, something I noticed toward the end is that every table is equipped with a button system that you can push for important things like ordering, water, bill, etc.

Dessert Republic


Where’s your favorite place to go for desserts?

You're going to eat, you might as well eat something tasty.
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