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by Dec 23, 2014

The Element tl;dr

With work travel very limited these days, I jumped on an opportunity to stay SPG when in New York for a conference recently. Since the conference was at The New Yorker and the reviews for that particular hotel were not the greatest, I decided to check out a nearby SPG called The Element.

Trying Very Hard to Sleep in the City that Never Sleeps

This was my first time staying at an Element hotel as I normally tend to stay at a Sheraton or Westin but since neither were anywhere near the realm of reasonable, the Element it was.

Close Quarters of the Bedroom and Kitchen at the Element

Element Shower Area Element Toilet Area

The Good

Let’s start with the good, if you’re looking for a hotel in a great location, this is it! This hotel is located walking distance from Times Square, more specifically of 39th street so if you want to be in the middle of tourist madness, this is great for you. I happened to check in on a weekday right before 7 pm so I was able to catch the last 10 minutes of the weekday happy hour where complimentary snacks and drinks were offered.

After 12 hours of traveling I opted for a white wine which I brought to my room. Another good point about the hotel is that the breakfast is also complementary and includes hearty selections like sausage and egg on an English muffin so you will have a full belly without any extra cost if you’re exploring the sights and sounds of New York.  

Also, if you’re like my Dad and like to bring your own cup of noodles or want the option to make your own food or even reheat your food, then the kitchenette including a full refrigerator inside each room would be a win for you (for me I would have preferred the extra room).

Element Room TV and Desk Area

The Bad

Now the bad…it has been a while since I’ve stayed in a hotel room and really had a terrible time sleeping but staying at the Element, I had just that experience. The street outside was sooo loud I had to play my own music to try to block out the sounds coming from outside. Have you ever been on the street and heard people walk over a metal piece on the road? If so, that’s what I constantly heard all night outside my room.

View From the Element Room

It was so loud it was like someone was standing outside my window just walking over the metal piece. C’mon! Finally after an hour I think I eventually fell asleep but believe you me, it took forever. On another note, I’m a gold SPG member and while I know it’s not platinum (like many of you travelers out there are), it is something and I worked hard for that gold status (10 nights on your own dime with limited work travel is not easy!) so not even having that recognized when checking in was slightly irritating.

View of Times Square Near the Element

Not trying to be a status snob by any means but it definitely doesn’t hurt! Overall I’d say it’s a decent hotel really close to Times Square and a few blocks away from Penn Station. If you want an option to help save on breakfast eats, food flexibility with a kitchenette and with a drink here or there on the house, this could be a good fit for you. For me sleep is key and not being able to sleep made it not a great fit for my needs.

Another View of Times Square Near the Element

F8T Tip Don’t sleep here if you plan to sleep…

Element New York Times Square West


Have you ever had trouble sleeping anywhere?

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