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by Nov 25, 2014

Jack Rose Libation House tl;dr

What’s there to do when you get invited to an Island themed Yelp Event? Put on your best aloha shirt, dig up your kukui shell necklace, get your keys and get into your car and go go go! There’s always new places to check out and this was not no exception. This bar is in the middle-of-no-where Los Gatos. And that’s perfectly fine.

Nadia Holding a Jack Rose Libation

Drinks, Drinks, and More Drinks!

Sometimes I just want to drink in solitude without having to worry about other merry goers ruining my night after having drank else where. And of course if that’s not your cup of tea, you could always bring the party here. They have enough room inside, and also outside (weather permitting) to accommodate more people than you have friends.

Though, till I went to a Yelp event here, I wouldn’t have known. I assumed they would have all been in downtown. But leave it to Yelp to hold an event at a recently opened hidden gem of a venue to entertain Yelpers and boost reviews alike.

Book Shelf Interior at Jack Rose Libations

Yelp had outdone themselves with the Hawaiian theme displaying local wineries, local food and the house food and drink of course. With all the other offerings from taco places and wineries, I don’t know which tasted better but it was amazing at the combination of it all lending themselves to a great time had by all.
Nadia and JM Hanging Out with a Group of Friends at Jack Rose Libations
The fish tacos from Wherever Taqueria was delicious. The wine from Who Knows Winery was satisfying. The house drinks were expertly made though the lines for the free libations were awkwardly long. The Jack Rose flat breads were tasty and overflowing… perhaps people were too busy in line to realize their availability.
Yelp Schwag at Jack Rose Libations
All that aside, the quirky living room vibe of the bar is quaint and warm while still maintaining all the amenities you would expect from a fancier bar. The staff was both helpful and friendly. Surprisingly I got to walk away with a Yelp beach towel considering that people are pretty savvy on getting their share of the Yelp swag.

Jack Rose Libations Flatbread

Nadia and JM Hanging Out at Jack Rose Libations

F8T Tip Go on a sunny day and enjoy the weather outside at any number of their numerous patio tables.

Another Nadia and JM Hanging Out at Jack Rose Libations

You're going to eat, you might as well eat something tasty.
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