La Tragantúa Seafood Shows What Madrid Cuisine, Any Cuisine Can Be

by Apr 1, 2019

You want to eat at Tarantuala?

No! It’s called La Tragantua!

La Tragantúa tl;dr

  • Modern Take on Madrid Cuisine
  • Just Under Our AirBnb
  • Another Menu Del Dia

When you have a good thing, be sure not to break it. If things are going so well, just enjoy it for as long as you can.

I know our stay has been coming to an end, but every day we were surprised by the culture, ingenuity and culinary excellence that manifested all throughout Madrid. It was more surprising that a number of venues that fed us were within a 10 minute walk from our abode; some even being next door to each other.

Where Is It

YES. I’m starting to notice a trend. It appears that a lot of amazing food is right off the main Calle de Fucar. Again, it’s right next to where we were staying. Ironically the next door restaurant is equally good but in a more homely manner whereas La Tragantua is it’s ambitious sibling.

La Tragantúa Soup

What to Eat

YES. Do you get tired of me saying what to eat? I know that some people need to look things up before going somewhere to order.

I try not to do that to leave some room for anticipation, not to mention giving myself the freedom to pick something at the last second. Another thing is to consider are the daily specials, or menu del dias that are ubiquitous in these parts as are churros.

We got the menu del dia, and I was shocked at how good everything was. Every course was executed with the most exquisite precision and freshest ingredients. The plates screamed at us to relieve them of these cooked burdens from their surface; I was obligingly obedient in that regard.

What we had will be more than likely vastly different from whatever menu you will see on the day of your arrival, but I bet it is probably less than $16 Euro.

La Tragantúa Salad

La Tragantúa Pasta

La Tragantúa Pasta 02

La Tragantúa Nadia with Wine

La Tragantúa Steak and Potatoes

La Tragantúa Ice Cream


If I could, I would request that we ate here everyday. At their prices, you can’t blame me for wanting to. I want to believe that if I were to eat at La Tragantua everyday, that it would be an amazing adventure into Madrid cuisine.

I would like to dream that I would become his regular patron and the small run restaurant would take me into their kitchen everyday as if sensing the same kinship of another kindred spirit.

I don’t know what was in that sangria but WOW.

La Tragantúa Dessert

La Tragantua


How do you feel about being surrounded by amazing food?

You're going to eat, you might as well eat something tasty.
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