Landing at Las Vegas’ McCarran International Airport

by Oct 12, 2019

You smell that? It’s luck!

I smell cheap beer and smoking…

McCarran International Airport tl;dr

  • One of the Most Accessible Airports in the World
  • Not That Far From the Vegas Strip
  • Gambling, Drinking, Shopping, and Eating!

I had once heard that Las Vegas Airport was one of easiest places to connect to from around the world; making it a great meeting place for global travelers. There are fewer airports in the world that can draw so much attention as Las Vegas’ very own McCarran International Airport.

Whether that’s true or not in this day and age, I’m not too sure, but I wouldn’t dismiss it given how many conferences are held in town drawing international attention. And let’s not forget it’s notorious reputation for being a playground for adults with all of it’s gaming and partying.

The last time Nadia and I flew into Vegas was to celebrate her birthday! Suffice to say, we didn’t spend much time at the airport after arrival so we could get straight to good times on the strip.

SW Plane Las Vegas (7)

With that being said, we did enjoy more of the airports amenities on our way out. Nadia tried her hand at some gambling and she was not disappointed. Her luck came through and pocketed her $25 richer than when she first landed. Not bad for a first time gambler!

Given the financial nature of the host city, I shouldn’t have been surprised by the sheer number limousines both ready and waiting to take guests from the airport to their respective hotels. Unlike most airports, it seemed there were entire parking lots dedicated to their storage.

outlet Plane Las Vegas (2)

What to Do

McCarran International Airport is most people’s first glimpse of Sin City! The things you can do at the airport is but a taste of what to come when you get into the city. The airport offers plenty of things to do other than simply landing and leaving:

  • Gambling
  • Drinking
  • Eating
  • Go to the Gym
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Shopping
  • Going to the Aviation Museum
  • Sitting next to the bathroom to charge your phone
  • Sitting at the charing enabled seats

outlet Plane Las Vegas (3)

Don’t sit next to the bathroom to charge your phone because it’s the only place you thought you’d find a power outlet.

Where is It

McCarran International Airport is located literally on the Las Vegas strip, being literally a hop, skip, and a short drive away. The ability to fly straight to this party town literally makes it the welcome mat to the rest of the world!

SW Plane Las Vegas (8)

Remember, what happens in Vegas… Stays between you and me! =D

You're going to eat, you might as well eat something tasty.
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