Landing at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport

by Feb 1, 2016

Taiwan, a country of manufacturing, street food and wonderful people, was the next location for our home away from home. After finding less expensive tickets and accommodations, getting to Taipei was half the fun. Landing at Taiwan Taoyuan International was fairly easy and seamless overall.

F8T Tip So if you travel like us, make sure that you go up one at a time or else the officer will tell one of you to go back across the waiting line.

After getting off the plane we made our way towards immigration with a stop by the bathroom. 1 unexpected plus was having toilet seat covers, not something I usually expect to see in an Asian country but a very welcome change! The Taiwan Taoyuan immigration line however turned out to be quite a bit of a wait for foreign travelers to be processed but luckily the airport has free WiFi; so we were able to connect while in line. The immigration officers were nice but they preferred that we go up one at a time.

Through our very own trial and error of going through Taiwan Taoyuan arrival terminal, here’s a couple of quick suggestions:

  • Rent a WiFi router at WiHo located to the left of the exit in circular kiosk. It was fairly inexpensive to have the flexibility to be connected all the time in our pocket with us everywhere we went. Ours was $29 usd for 6 days, $159 ntd per day, definitely not a bad deal and cheaper than some other options we had researched online.
    • Another bonus, no deposit is required. 

WiFi Signage and Rental Kiosk at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport

  • If you want an inexpensive way to travel to the city from Taiwan Taoyuan, catch the Kuo-Kuang Bus that will take you straight into the Taipei Main Station. To find the bus counter, make a right from the Taiwan Taoyuan immigration exit, walk all the way to the end of the hallway and make another right. The bus counters will then be located at the end of a rather long hallway in a room off to the left. The counter will be along the left wall of said room along with a number of other transportation options to other parts of the island nation.
    • The bus you’re looking for is bus 1819 and it’s $125 ntd / $3.85 usd per person.
    • The bus also runs fairly frequently so don’t be scared off by the line, just get in it and know you’ll be on soon. 

Line 3 for the Bus to the City at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport

  • And finally, about Taxis. If you plan on taking a taxi, always try to have the name of the location you’re heading to written in Chinese so you can hand it to the Taxi driver.
  • They’re definitely not great with English or Google maps so the best option is to give them the name/address in Chinese; think business card. Taxis within Taipei are fairly inexpensive from our experience, from the Taipei Main Station to our hotel (around 10 minutes driving away) cost us around $3 USD.
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