Local Favorite Unnamed Banh Canh Cua Roadside Stall

by Oct 26, 2017

“What are you in the mood for today?”
“You know what I want… I NEED to eat at that street corner banh canh cua we saw the other day!”

Random Banh Canh Cua Roadside Stall tl;dr

  • Street vendor at Corner of Dang Thi Nhu and Calmette
  • Tasty thick chewy noodles in a crab and shrimp broth
  • I don’t know if this guy is still there but get yourself in front of a bowl of Banh Canh Cua

Banh Canh Cua Street Vendor Saigon

We learned about this Unnamed Banh Canh Cua vendor (sticky noodle crab soup) from Van, our City Guide and wanted to go try out his food. Sadly, the day went, by the time we got there we found out that he had already sold. So, not to be deterred, the next day during our free time to explore the city, we decided to pay him another visit and eat his food. On a side note, amazingly, there’s also this great view of what looks like the Avenger’s Tower from the Avenger’s movies off in the distance.

Avengers Tower View from the Banh Canh Cua Vendor Saigon

First Time Eating Banh Canh Cua

I was initially introduced to banh canh cua from a friend back in San Jose, California and it quickly became one of my favorite dishes. I like it because of the delicious fat, thick chewy noodles and the crab meat in a hearty, peppery, savory broth hooked my palate. It’s that perfect combination that just warms the soul time and time again.

Street View of the Banh Canh Cua Vendor Saigon

When in HCMC, Do as HCM Citizens Do

When we arrived we seated ourselves and haphazardly placed an order with the man. We got a couple of surprised looks from locals who probably wondered how we even knew about him. As we were sitting waiting for our food, we knew it must be good due to the steady trickle of locals eating the dish. We just sat there counting our blessings:

  • First and foremost that he didn’t sell out already
  • That we found a table for the 2 of us
  • And that he understood our butchered pronunciation of “Banh Canh Cua”

Slice Fried Donut Sticks at Banh Canh Cua Street Vendor Saigon

Served with a side of their version of fried Chinese donut, though I’m sure it has a different name in Vietnam (apparently it has a similar name of Quay), the noodle soup was served with the fat noodles I love and a variety of ingredients including shrimp, crab, veggies and more. You also have the option of asking for it with the pork blood cubes or not (a standard in a lot of Asian noodle soups I’ve noticed, just like Malaysian curry mee). The soup a perfect mix of spicy yet comforting; it was delicious!

Huge Thank You to Van for introducing us to this place!

Nadia Smiling After Eating at Banh Canh Cua Street Vendor Saigon

Found the Spot

JM | Total side note, I’m embarrassed to admit that I spent more time than I care to admit to finding the location of this vendor on Google Maps. Unfortunately in the Street View I didn’t see him hopefully because he was on vacation or something. Hopefully he is still there serving those magical bowls of banh canh cua. If someone knows whether he moved or is no longer in the business, please let us know. Thanks in Adavance!

You're going to eat, you might as well eat something tasty.
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