Falling in Love with Local Food at Pono Market

by Oct 11, 2017

Hidden or rather, not so hidden local eatery that has the people falling in love with Hawaiian food over and over again. And we tried to fall in love with it too, but will have to go back one day to make sure.

Pono Market tl;dr

  • Great Poke
  • Awesome Lunch Plates
  • Limited Number of Laulau’s
  • Come Early or Leave Hungry

Kauai Pono Market poke

The first time we went to Pono Market was on the way to Anahola Beach from the Wailua Falls. Unfortunately for us, we arrived right as they were about to close at 5 PM. Since they were pretty much done for the day, their food selection was severely limited. We did end up picking up a 1/4 pound of 3 types of their delicious homemade poke:

  1. Korean tako (octopus)
  2. Sesame tako (octopus)
  3. Spicy ahi (tuna)

Out of the three my favorite was the Korean tako poke. Not only did it have good consistency (I loved the bite), the flavor was fantastic as well!

Kauai Pono Market spam

We also picked up Pono Market teriyaki spam musubi which everyone online raves about. For me it was just OK, not the best spam musubi I’ve had and wished it had more of the teriyaki flavor. Perhaps it was because we went so late at the end of the day before they closed but I’d be willing to go back to try it earlier in the day to see if that makes a difference.

Here’s to finding our way back to Kauai for more of everything!

Pono Market


What’s your favorite poke!?!?

You're going to eat, you might as well eat something tasty.
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