Looking for That Cat Moc Spa Massage

by Nov 7, 2017

“Is it massage time?”
“Hell yeah it’s massage Time!”

Cat Moc Spa tl;dr

  • Great Price
  • Great Service
  • Might Be Hard to Find, at least it was for me

Signage at Cat Moc Spa Saigon

One of the nice things of visiting Southeast Asia other than the food, people, and warmer climate are the spa bargains that are to be had. Grant it, these are bargains thanks to the favorable exchange rate, and thanks to that it is something Nadia looks for. Here in Saigon, like our times in Taipei, Penang, and elsewhere, is no different; another opportunity for us to be squeezed, pressed, oiled and stretched into relaxed bliss. Cat Moc Spa were so easy to schedule a session with and find online, but because of my cell phone’s poor service at the time, were a touch harder to find, but found them nonetheless.

Nadia and JM at Cat Moc Spa Saigon

First Impressions

After finally finding the street where Cat Moc Spa was to be found, the signage made it easy to spot. And as with many spas, hospitality is key. They were so nice as they greeted us, offering us both seats, slippers, tea, and cold towel to help wipe away the first layer of grime; let me tell you, I had quite a few layers accumulate during the search. After going over the available services with us, Nadia opted for the couples massage, as she typically wants to do, so that we could share the experience together.

With our times in Hanoi and Bai Tu Long Bay Cruises even further behind, and having just finished the XO Night Tour and Saigon Hotpot City Tour prior, a massage is exactly what we needed before going to Cambodia. They led us to their changing room to undress and dress into a pair of sarongs for our massage. For whatever reason I either end up with the smaller outfit or with an outfit that neither of us know how to put on; I typically wear the smaller one because I think it’s funnier that way. We then head over to our quiet and dimly lit couple’s room.

Nadia Ready for Her Massage at Cat Moc Spa Saigon

Are Massages Are All the Same!?

For me, since I’m not exactly paying too much attention nor have enough experiences with spas to get a feel for massage norms. I typically think most spas are all very similar if not the same when it comes to services and offerings except other than price point; insanely expensive Vs not so insanely expensive. Of course there are a few venues that stand out as not being that great but that could be because I tried something else that I normally do; generally a harder deep tissue massage.

A true sign of my enjoyment of a massage is if you hear snores from my side of the room. Suffice to say, I snored loud enough to wake myself up frequently. Several wake-sleep massage cycles later my consciousness was brought into focus that it was all over. After forcing out our muscle fatigue they gave us a chance to get dressed and then some cold tea.

At the End of the Day

Personally, I really enjoyed Cat Moc Spa’s massage. I don’t know whether they sent me their toughest, strongest masseuse or something but I felt as if she hit all the right spots at more than enough pressure. I believe Nadia was less that thrilled by their service but we always figure sub par service could have been because of the the wrong masseuse, maybe an off day for everyone or any number of other reasons.

We still recommend Cat Moc Spa for all your massage needs when in Saigon. I will definitely go again, if I can find it again. And I hope you find it too!

Cat Moc Spa


Where do you like to go for massages in HCMC!?!?

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